ZuluTrade Review – A Copy Trading Platform that Continues to Improve

There have been times that people have found a copy trading platform that offers them everything that they could be looking for in a good platform. However, that initial excitement is not followed up on, and they do not develop on that initial experience. Instead, it will start to stagnate while others improve, and you might notice that there are many things that other traders do a lot better. Fortunately, in this ZuluTrade review, I will go over how it manages to escape from this problem and still traders a more reliable trading experience.

A Platform that Constantly Improves

Many trading platforms will often feel content with what they have achieved and will slowly start to stagnate. Their website fails to keep up with the current trends and they will often have a difficult time trying to find new people to come to their trading platform since they are outdated.

Resting on their laurels is not something that this copy trading platform does, which I saw during my ZuluTrade review, since I have seen them continue to introduce updates to features and the UI to show that the team behind the service is thriving. And with the help of the improvements that they are making to their platform, they are very confidently ensuring that the service will not be outdated.

An excellent AI Trading feature

Possibly one of the biggest things that come with ZuluTrade is that it has an incredible automated trader designed to help traders of all levels. One of the biggest obstacles that beginner traders will usually face is that they cannot trade early on before they learn more about the market. Until they do, they will be taking a major risk.

On the other hand, automated trading will make trading for beginners much easier, since they can rely on the AI to make better decisions. However, the important thing is that as the trader learns more about trading and then uses the AI trader, they will be getting a lot more utility out of it.

Use the Demo Account to check the Service

Of course, one of the biggest problems that comes with starting to trade with a new trading platform is that it has a major barrier to entry that comes in the amount that you first have to put into your account. When registering, people will often have to make a major commitment, which is obviously not comfortable with most people since they just started trading.

Luckily, in the case of ZuluTrade, I saw that they have a very robust demo account that allows individuals to easily see everything that the company has to offer. You can even trade with the fake currency that they have which can give you a better understanding for how trading as a whole works. You even get to test out the automated trader and a range of their features.

Choose from different Assets

Easily one of the biggest selling points that I saw during my ZuluTrade review was that it had a wide selection of trading assets to choose from. Not only are they all very effective in allowing individuals to choose from different asset types, but they are also incredibly versatile.

Newcomers can quickly start to experiment with different assets and quickly find their favorite one. They can also find the types of assets that are most comfortable investing in. On the other hand, veterans of the industry will also be feeling very comfortable building their portfolio with the help of the different types of assets available. Some of these assets include stocks, commodities, forex, and more.


It is always difficult finding a trading platform that can perfectly fit your needs and offers all of the services necessary. In fact, keeping that service improving over time can be a bigger challenge, especially when there is a lot of incentive to stagnate. Luckily, ZuluTrade makes sure that you have an easy time copy trading and find some of the best features that are a standard of the industry.