You Have To Know Right Things About Diamond Woven Texture Curtain ?

Bring your home a modern and elegant look with gwen diamond woven texture curtain. It is a room darkening, energy saving and thermal insulated drape that can block 70-80% of light.

The frilly ruffles on this textured curtain set complement many decor styles from farmhouse to country chic. The fabric is Oeko-Tex certified.

Product Description

Add a touch of graphic artisanal textile to your space with these contemporary woven blackout grommet curtains. The gwen diamond embossed pattern adds depth and design to any window frame while the white, grey and tan palette diffuses light for a fresh look. Inspired by the Kente weaving technic from Ghana, these cotton curtains creatively revisit traditional graphic motifs with fresh colours and clean repetition.

Woven into modern diamond patterns and triple pass back thermal insulating coating to create total blackout effect this drape is also OEKO-TEX certified safe against over 350 harmful substances. Order 2-3 times rod width for fullness. These textured panels block out 60-80% of sunlight and helps save on energy costs in summer time and keeps heat from escaping in winter.

Product Care

Designed to block drafts, darken light and provide privacy, these window panels are crafted of high-quality 357 gsm triple weave fabric that’s both soft and sturdy. Grommets help create well-defined pleats, blending beauty and function. The satin shiny look is complemented by delicate weaving that’s easy on the eyes and feels smooth to the touch. These curtains are independently tested and certified against harmful chemicals, meeting strict OEKO-TEX standards.

Curtains show dirt differently depending on their weave, texture and color, so they need to be laundered regularly. A regular cleaning routine includes weekly and monthly inspections to identify stains, heavy soiling or fading. If needed, spot-treat heavily soiled areas. Vacuuming or dusting can help prevent accumulating dirt and keep your curtains looking crisp.

To determine if a curtain is machine washable, dip a small patch of the hem in cool water with mild detergent. Squeeze or blot the patch to remove excess moisture and compare it to a sample of the curtain’s front face. If it does not change color or lose shape, the curtain may be washed as directed.

Product Installation

With the right curtains, a simple room can become a stunning focal point of your home. These woven texture window panels are an elegant choice that will complement any color scheme. They’re fully lined for a fuller drape and increased insulation and feature durable brushed metal grommets to hold the rod of your choice.

Made from high-quality 357 gsm triple weave fabric, these curtains are soft and satin shiny with solid color. They are woven with modern diamond pattern, and the back side is treated with a triple pass thermal insulating coating to create total blackout effect, save on energy costs, blocks sunlight in summer and keeps heat from escaping in winter.

Product Warranty

Our woven fabric is made of high quality 357gsm triple weave fabric, soft and satin shiny look material, drape naturally and looks different from simple solid curtains, the gwen diamond woven texture adds more sense of depth to your window frame and room. It comes in 6 color options and suits all kinds of rooms, such as loft, villa and dining room.


Our modern woven blackout grommet curtains are designed to block unwanted sunlight, drafty windows, and provide privacy. They’re also independently tested and certified to meet OEKO-TEX standard 100 guidelines for harmful chemicals, so you can rest assured that they’ll help keep your family safe from over 350 harmful substances. These beautiful and functional blackout curtains are the perfect addition to your breezy bohemian or minimalist-modern space.

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