WPS Office Tutorials by WPS Academy

If you’re new to WPS office, be sure to take a look at the online tutorials from WPS Academy. They are free and designed to maximize your efficiency using the software.

The courses are self-paced, so you can finish them whenever you like and learn at your own pace. Plus, the Academy provides community forums where users can ask questions and get answers from others.

Presentation suit

WPS office is one of the most widely-used and recognizable software suites on the market today. Their product lineup, including their mobile app, caters to industries from government agencies to startups and small businesses alike. Plus they provide free tutorials to get you up and running quickly; plus their dedicated customer support team are available if needed. What’s more, their cloud based copy/paste mobile app (which works like a cloud based copy and paste application that can be accessed anytime or place) makes for great productivity enhancements!

Spreadsheet suit

Spreadsheets are software programs used to organize and store data in a standardized form known as a “sheet.” Sheets may be connected with other programs like word processors or presentation programs. Data can be entered directly into cells on the sheet or referenced through formulas.

Cells in a spreadsheet are like boxes for holding data. A column of cells represents one dependent variable, while a row represents an independent variable. Cells can be organized in any number of ways, including by dragging their heights or widths at box intersections.

Traditionally, cells in a sheet are identified by their names using decimal notation – beginning at 1 and using 26-adic bijective numeration with letters A-Z as numerals. This can help users quickly identify specific cells without visual reference; however, it could be misleading if someone has not learned how to correctly reference a cell.

Modern spreadsheets employ “secondary notation,” which enables the user to annotate their work with colors, fonts and lines. This makes it simpler for the user to comprehend the underlying structure of a spreadsheet and identify potential issues more quickly.

Spreadsheets are an integral component of many office productivity suites, such as word processors, presentations and database management systems. Since these programs typically use similar commands for similar functions, sharing data between them is straightforward.

When selecting a spreadsheet application, take into account its features and how your team will use it. You may also want to look into integrations and compatibility as well as software plugins that enhance user experience.

No matter your requirements, the ideal spreadsheet application can make the entire process of working with a large database much smoother. When equipped with features like visualization, accessibility between applications and integrations with other types of software, these programs enable you to streamline your workflow. Furthermore, an effective spreadsheet program should enable creating and maintaining consistent data in an accessible format for both yourself and clients.

Graph suit

A graph is an effective way to display data. It helps you focus on what matters most while not overwhelming your audience with irrelevant details. While graphs are available in most office suites (Excel, LibreOffice and Google Docs), not everyone knows how to utilize them effectively. Thankfully, WPS Academy provides some helpful tutorials on graphing for beginners.

A great graph is a result of selecting the ideal graphics and design for a given situation. There are various types of graphs to choose from, so it’s essential to know which one fits best. Scatterplots, for instance, can be utilized when displaying multiple data series that need to be shown side by side or in different units. Ultimately though, the most impressive graph will be one which utilizes most data points.

Are you interested in learning more about graphs and creating the appropriate ones for your business or personal needs? Check out our free Excel dashboards course today. We’ll teach you how to utilize all the newest chart features to make your presentation more eye-catching than ever. And best of all? Download our templates without cost!

Writer suit

If you’re a student or worker who needs to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets, the Writer suite is an ideal option. It’s free and safe for Windows, macOS, Linux as well as Android and iOS users. Furthermore, it includes WPS Spreadsheet and PDF Viewer plus direct in-app cloud syncing capability.

The WPS Office Suite boasts an intuitive user interface and works quickly on most devices, so no training or assistance are necessary. However, if you’re new to WPS, it may take a few days before you feel confident using all its features.

However, the WPS Academy provides free tutorials to get you started. It has a range of video courses for each suit – such as WPS Spreadsheet, Presentation and Writer skills – which are easy to absorb and implement quickly so that you can move from beginner’s level to an advanced one quickly and confidently.

In addition to tutorials, the Academy provides a library of resources for students to refer. These include graphic tutorials and animated GIFs which provide an excellent way to become familiar with all of the tools in the suite.

The WPS Academy employs a team of experts who constantly update and add new video courses on the site. This gives you access to in-depth skill development that will enhance your performance at work, as well as learning the most up-to-date office suite tools and techniques that can be beneficial in everyday work tasks.

Video tutorials

WPS Academy offers a vast library of video tutorials covering every aspect of the office suite. These range from writing in WPS, creating an online spreadsheet, and computer technology basics – making them accessible for users at any level of expertise. Furthermore, WPS Academy also provides graphic and animated GIFs as additional aids to learning.

The company provides free video tutorials for a range of platforms, such as Windows, Android, iOS and MAC. One particularly impressive series shows you how to craft an impressive presentation using Windows Presentation Server (WPS), an extraordinary feat of computer magic which can help boost your resume or make presentations stand out.