Women Jeans Buying Guide

Wearing jeans is a common choice for modern women. It provides stability and style appearance to all women. But buying or choosing the perfect pair of jeans is not easy, so we create a presentation that can help you buy comfortable, fashionable as well as the perfect type of jeans. Read this women’s jeans purchase guide to the end.

Women Jeans Buying Guide

Perfect Fit

Jeans fitting is the most important thing when you go shopping for a pair of jeans. We consider the hips and waist to be important when choosing denim Jeans but the length of the hips is an equally important part of the jean fit. Now we will discuss step-by-step fittings for jeans.


Knowing your waist circumference is the most important part when you go shopping for jeans. I recommend you do not go with the size ‘s’, ‘L’, ‘XL’, ‘XXL’ and so on. You should take the full size of your waist with a measuring tape and choose the exactly tailored jeans for you.


The hips are the border part of the body while the waist is narrow, but both are equally important body parts for Jeans fittings. The hips are usually 7inch lower than your waist, but you should take a real hip measurement. When taking a hip measurement you should stand upright and take a measurement of the upper thighs.

Front Rise

Take your measuring tape directly at the seam where it meets the front and back of the jean in the groove. Erica from the beginning of the seam to the top of the waist. That is the next step in getting up.


To measure your swearing thigh take your measuring tape directly to the snout part of your upper leg. It usually does 34inchs. up from the knees, but also take the exact measurement of the hips.


You can opt for full-length jeans, ankle-length jeans, or any type of jeans but make sure it does not cross your feet or they will look unattractive. Take the height measurement of the lower part of your body from your waist to the legs or the top of the foot and choose the exact size of jeans.

Some Tips for Choosing Jeans Are Best

  •         Take the jeans you want to buy and grab the waistband and make it run straight to your neck if the right side touches the left easily and is not too tight or loose, so that is exactly your size.
  •         If your denim makes a gap between your waist and jeans do not choose it.
  •         If there is any extra fabric on the knee, thigh, or leg length that seems unattractive then move on for a while.
  •         When taking measurements of your body you should stand upright and wear comfortable and well-fitting jeans.

Perfect Type

We can find different types of jeans on the market but choosing the perfect one that is fashionable as well as comfortable is a difficult task. So, here we are talking about five types of jeans according to the latest trends.

High-rise Skinny Jeans: Nowadays, the high skinny jean is the most fashionable jeans available on the market. It can give you a long and slim look. If you want to look taller and slimmer you can go with it.

Bootcut Jeans: If you have wide hips you can go for this type of jeans because a pair of cut-out boots can match your body shape and give you a good look.

Ankle-length Jeans: Now Ankle length jeans are the growing trend in the fashion world. Ankle length jean jeans end at the heel and make your leg look taller as well as comfortable.

High Waist Jeans: High waist jeans are a hot choice for modern sunflower womens jeans and are tightly tied at your waist and hips. So, if you have a tight shoulder and wide hip body shape you should go for these high waist jeans that can give you the perfect look.

Flared and Relaxed Fit: First of all it can give you a rest and a good look. If you want to maintain a balance between your hips and thighs you can go for this type of jeans.

Jeans According to Body Weight

Jeans can give you a fashionable and smart look when it comes to your body shape. So now in this buy sunflower clothing for women shopping guide, we will discuss jeans according to your body shape.

For Taller One: If you have a good height, you are obviously lucky.  If you are interested in your height you can choose Skinny Jeans, High Rise Skinny Jeans, or Ankle Long Jeans. You can also choose Wide Hemline Jeans that give you a relaxed and comfortable look.

Short Shorts: If your height is short you should go with High Rise Skinny Jeans or any type of Skinny Jeans that can give a good look. You can also go with Ankle Length Jeans because this type of jean will make your legs look longer and more attractive.

For Shoulder Sleeves and Wide Rugs:If you have tight shoulders and wide hips you should try High Waist Jeans. It fits snugly in your hips and gives you an attractive look. You can also go for Bootcut Jeans that go well with your body shape.

For Wide Shoulders and Slim Hips: If you have large shoulders and a narrow waist shape you can go with any type of Wide Hemline Jeans like Flared and Relaxed Fit Jeans, Bootcut Jeans, etc. Because this type of Jeans will go well with your body. Shape.

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