Why You Should Choose Hovsco Ebikes

Hovsco provides Best ebike for riders with exceptional throttle mode power to easily ascend hills. Plus, their powerful Samsung/LG batteries offer up to 80-mile pedal assist range.

Hovsco ebikes feature an intuitive LCD display that clearly indicates speed, pedal assist level, range and other information. Furthermore, each is compatible with an easy-to-use smart phone app which enables syncing, activating warranty coverage and unlocking max speed capability.

Easy to Operate

Hovsco offers electric bikes designed to meet every rider’s needs for commuters or off-road exploration alike. All their models are built from high-quality materials designed to withstand weather elements and will stand up over time. Established by cycling enthusiasts in 2019, they are one of the more recent players in both US and Canadian Electronic bicycle markets.

Their electric fat bike is perfect for traversing snow, sand, or rough terrain. With an impressive feature set that makes it simple to use and maintain, as well as several power modes designed to support those with physical limitations, plus folding for easy storage in either your closet or car trunk. You can even use HOVSCO app to sync your information about the bike such as registration of warranty and unlocking speed limit to stay safer on the road and rest easy knowing your ebike is always safe with them using their patented locking system!

Stylish Design

Hovsco offers an amazing selection of bikes with distinctive designs. Their step-through frames make mounting and dismounting easier, and offer multiple power modes so anyone can enjoy riding an electric bicycle.

HovRanger ebikes offer many features at an attractive price point. Equipped with a powerful 500W geared hub motor and rechargeable battery that doubles as an LED strip light, as well as hydraulic brakes, this sleek model can be used on both city streets and mountain trails for reliable transportation.

HovRanger electric bikes are classified as Class 2, though you can unlock higher speed limits through their app. Their top speed of 28mph makes them perfect for riders who want to reach work quickly while having fun on the way; their suspension fork absorbs uneven road conditions with ease, too. Sync your bike, activate warranty coverage, and track other important data all using one app!

Comfortable Ride

HOVSCO Ebikes combine power and efficiency for an enjoyable riding experience. Equipped with powerful 750W motors and long-range batteries, these bikes are built for any terrain. Making them suitable for commuters, families and people needing cargo carrying capabilities.

HovAlpha is an easy and stylish step-through electric bike designed with easy navigation in mind. Capable of reaching 28mph when in Class 2 mode and offering multiple power modes for riders to select, this step-through bike features hydraulic brakes as well as an LED battery built-in.

Sutto (a subsidiary of Bafang) offers a geared brushless hub motor with maximum output power of 500W and 65Nm torque that reaches speeds up to 20 mph in pedal assist mode and can be unlocked through its app for more power. Furthermore, this motor comes equipped with torque sensor technology for enhanced performance over cadence sensors while its battery provides rechargeability that doubles up as flashlight.

Easy to Charge

Recharging an ebike battery over time may lead to its capacity dwindling over time, so it is advised to disconnect it after every use to stop its discharge and prevent its capacity from diminishing further.

HOVSCO ebikes feature an efficient yet lightweight 750-watt Bafang/Sutto motor and Samsung/LG 48V 15Ah lithium-ion batteries from Samsung/LG with up to 60 miles of pedal assist range and 40 miles pure electric power riding capacity respectively.

These bikes feature professional front and rear hydraulic disc brakes that ensure quick and smooth stopping while simultaneously helping reduce maintenance costs.

HovAlpha bicycles make an excellent option for commuters and leisure riders looking to navigate town. Equipped with built-in fenders and racks to store your belongings safely and a step-through frame to facilitate quick mounting/dismounting, this model also features a torque sensor that more closely emulates rider pedal power for an intuitive riding experience.

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