Why You Need A Wedge Pillow

How much time did you spend picking your last pillow? The answer to this question shows the importance you give to your pillows. Apart from the mattress, a pillow is one of the most essential tools that has a bearing on the quality of sleep. When talking about pillows, did you know that there are many pillows besides the regular rectangular-shaped pillows? Yes, there are many options, but one of the most beneficial among those is the wedge pillow.

These are great sleeping tools that are not only useful while sleeping but can also help you adjust your lounging position in many easy ways. Whether you are sitting on a bed watching your favourite show, want a comfortable position to hold your laptop, or just want a pillow that can ease back pain, the wedge pillow offers many benefits. Keep reading to learn how it can help you lounge or sleep comfortably.

What is a Wedge Pillow and What are its Types?

A wedge pillow is called so because it is in the form of a wedge, which is a triangular-shaped one. The wedge-shaped pillow helps to elevate the head and also the torso, which aids in better sleep. It can also be placed below the knees to reduce back pain. The wedge pillow sits in a diagonal position and helps enhance the quality of sleep.

There are many types of wedge pillows available in the market depending on the purpose, shape, and material. Some of the popular choices are:

  • Contour wedge pillows: These are pillows that have a curved shape and are added for the comfort of sleepers. It is one of the popular choices with side sleepers, and it provides better spinal alignment.
  • Flat-bottom wedge pillows: These are pillows that have the trade mark triangular shape of wedge pillows but with a flat bottom. The flat part of the pillow is on the mattress and comes with straps to ensure it remains in place when sleeping.
  • Adjustable wedge pillows: These have layers of foam that can be removed. It can also be folded to transform into various configurations. The benefit of using this type of pillow is you can change the height and firmness based on your requirements.
  • Memory foam wedge pillows: These are another popular choice of wedge pillows that retains shape as well as withstand weight. When purchasing memory foam pillows look for options that are made of gel as it reduces the buildup of heat.
  • Latex wedge pillows: These are pillows that don’t give a sinking feeling but are highly breathable and durable. Though these pillows are one of the most expensive ones they are long-lasting when compared to other types of wedge pillows.

Benefits of Wedge Pillows

Wedge pillows can be enjoyed for the comfort that they provide, but most sleepers buy them because they eliminate some of the symptoms like:

Back pain

Sleepers, especially those who sleep flat on their back, tend to complain of back pain due to a lack of proper spinal alignment. A wedge pillow for back pain is ideal for such people, as it provides the back with a slight elevation and also gives the knees a lift that prevents straining of the lower back. Additionally, wedge pillows are a great choice as they can be used in many different positions that relieve back pain and aches by providing optimal support to the lower back.


Snoring can be caused for different reasons, so one single treatment may not work for everyone. If you snore when you sleep on the back but not when sleeping on the sides, it may be because the soft palate and the throat relax and fall over the pathways of breathing, resulting in snoring. This can be prevented by sleeping in an elevated position. Wedge pillows are an effective way to get the angle that helps ease your snoring.

General Pain and Aches

The zero gravity position is considered the best position for sleep and relaxation. This is a position where you lie on your back with your knees supported and bent with the help of a baby wedge pillow and the torso slightly elevated with a normal wedge pillow. It takes off a lot of strain and pressure from the body and is one of the best natural positions to sleep in. The zero gravity position helps reduce pain and aches and can be achieved by using wedge pillows.

Better Lounging

Wherever you are lounging on the couch, floor, or bed, placing a wedge pillow helps you do it comfortably. These pillows can be used for holding a laptop, reading a book, or simply sitting up in a comfortable position. It can be used in various ways. So you can say goodbye to stacking pillows to support your back, and you can use an elevation pillow, You can flip this pillow and get a comfortable and supportive angle to read or watch TV from your bed.

Decrease Swelling in Legs

There are many reasons for the feet or legs to swell, ranging from pregnancy to injuries to standing on your feet all day. To reduce the swelling, you should elevate your feet during sleep, which can bring relief from pain and also a reduction in swelling. Wedge pillows can be used as leg elevation pillows as they are a great way to elevate those swollen feet when you sleep.

Reduce Heartburn

Sitting up is one of the ideal ways to reduce heartburn. But sitting while sleeping is not only uncomfortable but also awkward. Wedge pillows are acid reflux pillows that are a solution to this problem as they allow you to rest in a raised position. This sleeping position reduces heartburn and helps you get comfortable, quality sleep through the night.

How to use Wedge Pillows in Different Situations

There are numerous ways to use wedge pillows. Here are some of the common setups, and the rest is left to your imagination.

  • For those who like to watch TV or read in bed, an upright position for reclining.
  • Place them horizontally for back and side sleepers to create a slight incline that elevates the upper body.
  • On the lap to keep the laptop for streaming videos or work.
  • Under the knees to enhance blood circulation or get relief from back pain.
  • Use it as a GERD pillow by placing it under the head.

Try various orientations to find the one that works for your health needs and also for your body.

There are so many different types of wedge pillows and so many benefits and ways to use these pillows, you will find one that is right for you and your health needs.

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