Why You Need a Magnetic Door Screen

With the official start of summer just around the corner, we have eagerly awaited the beginning of the season. We anticipate it with each passing day, as the weather warms outside per the change in time of year. But many of us dread the surge of bugs and insects that also come out during the sunny, warm summer months. With a magnetic door screen, you can stop bugs and insects from ever getting into your home in the first place while still letting in the fresh, breezy air from outside. You can keep the magnetic door screen up all year long with no issue, regardless of the weather where you live or the time of year. It can withstand any outside elements from the weather, as it is built for longevity and made to be durable.

What Is the Installation Process for the Magnetic Screen Door?

The installation process for the magnetic door screen from Flux Phenom is so easy, simple, and quick. You can uninstall and install the magnetic door screen in an instant. Flux Phenom’s magnetic door screen, in particular, has everything you need to install the magnetic door screen promptly and effortlessly. Flux Phenom will provide black all-metal thumbtacks and a large roll of hook and loop backing. As additional assistance, they include a video tutorial guide and a written instruction manual, as well.

What Size Doorway Is a Suitable Fit?

To ensure a perfect fit, you should always measure the door on which you plan to use the product before making any purchases. It will fit on all doorways that measure up to 38×82 inches.

What Kinds of Doors Are Ideal for Installation?

The magnetic door screen is effective on all different kinds of door types, including front doors, patio doors, sliding doors, balcony doors, sliding patio doors, RV doors, and single doors. It also works with fixed, metal, and wood doors. However, always ensure that you measure first to ensure it is a suitable fit beforehand.

Is It Kid and Pet Friendly?

The magnetic door screen is most certainly child and pet friendly. It is kid-friendly because it is straightforward and safe for kids of any age to use. Also, your pets, dog or cat, can walk inside and out of the house as they desire with the magnetic door screen. So, you no longer have the task of always needing to stop what you are doing to get up and open and close the door for your pet as you let them in and out of the house. Also, not only is it pet friendly, but it can also be an excellent way to potty-train your new puppy or dog.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Magnetic Door Screen?

The following list is an overview of some of the significant benefits getting a magnetic door screen from Flux Phenom can have in your home:

  • The magnetic door screen can shield your home from outside pests.
  • It can protect you from outdoor elements you do not want in your home.
  • It allows for simple, hands-free entry and exit to and from your home from the specific door you install it on.
  • It is built with durable and robust heavy-duty mesh and has reinforced, firm edges, making it highly durable.
  • It is suitable to use throughout the year, meaning you can leave it up on any doorway that fits and correctly install it year-round.
  • The screen door mesh has highly supported, reinforced edges and a robust and heavy-duty polyester that can hold out against all kinds of weather elements and withstand frequent use by you, your pets, and more. The magnetic screen door is made for longevity.
  • The middle seam has a lining of 26 magnets, which is significant because it is contrary to many other screens, which typically only have about 18 magnets or even less. Having 26 powerful magnets makes the magnetic door screen from Flux Phenom even stronger and more effective, with more significant secureness and closure when sealing.


This summer, make your life significantly more accessible and get a magnetic door screen for your home. Get the Flux Phenom magnetic door screen for easy, convenient, effortless hands-free entry and exit into and out of your home. It opens seamlessly with a simple nudge of your arm, hand, or head and will securely and consistently close after you every time due to the robust magnetic lining in the middle seam of the screen door. You can reap all the benefits of the warm weather and let the fresh outside air breeze through your home without running the risk of allowing in pesky insects and can remain protected from outdoor elements that you do not want entering your home.

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