Why You Need a Legal Advocate When Pursuing Compensation for Car-Accident-Related Losses

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident that you think resulted from a driver’s distracted driving, you must get counsel from an experienced Houston car accident attorney. Substantiating your accident claim is important to receive the medical treatment you need and recover damages such as lost wages and car damage. Having a skilled attorney on your side will improve your chances of arguing your case and pursue the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Hiring an Attorney Who Fights for Your Best Interest

The insurance company of the driver who caused your injuries is not on your side. They will assign an insurance claims adjuster to handle your claim. This adjuster will reach out to you and try to negotiate the lowest settlement possible. 

Sometimes, the adjuster will achieve this by making a quick offer, hoping you will sign away your right to pursue legal action. Or they will try to use other tactics to avoid paying your claim’s full value. 

As a car accident victim, you must not sign any documents from the insurance company or agree to any settlement amount they offer without consulting an attorney first. Your aggressive legal advocate has your best interests in mind and possesses the necessary skills to deal with the insurance company effectively.

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Having an Attorney to Pursue Maximum Compensation

The insurance company may not give you the information you need to receive maximum compensation for your injuries. If you deal with them without a lawyer or work directly with the insurance company of the at-fault driver, you may get a lower settlement than what can fully cover your medical expenses, lost income, car repairs, and other losses. An experienced attorney can evaluate your current and future losses, determining the damages you can seek and the possible insurance sources that can help you maximize your claim. 

Evaluating Your Claim’s True Value

To determine the true value of your accident claim, you must be aware of your injuries’ long-term ramifications. In this case, the insurance company of the at-fault driver may persuade you that you cannot pursue certain damages. Because of such tactics, you may accept a lowball settlement offer from them instead of fighting what the company owes you.

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A great lawyer will investigate your accident and review your case as well as help you determine the true value of your injury claim. They will use accident reports, medical opinions, photos, and other legal resources to help substantiate your claim and document the economic and non-economic damages you want to seek compensation for.

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