Why should you Buy Silk Nightwear Dresses?

Affordable & washable 100 pure mulberry silk sleepwear & Silk Nightwear for men and women, including silk slips, coatdresses & nightdresses. The silk blankets; silk gown & mask set; silk pajama set; silk camisole set; silk dresses, jumpsuits & rompers; silk shirts, blouses & covers; silk bottoms; silk undergarments. 

Perfect gifts for your woman, mama, son, or musketeers. Suitable for Valentine’s day, Christmas, honeymoon, marriage night, anniversaries, bedroom, sleeping, bathing, or special nights. There are multiple colors available: baby blue, faceless, black, blue, blue-gray, color pink, bright coffee, carnation, champagne, watercolor purple, chocolate, claret, coffee, dark blue, dark argentine, dark green color are available for making  Silk Sleep wear.

Texture of Silk:

Currently, silk generally refers to mulberry silk, which people have favored over the world for its unique charm. Silk in its raw state consists of two main proteins, serein, and fibroin, with a cement-suchlike sub caste of serein coating two singular fibers of fibroin called brins. 

Silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the mortal body, which can help the skin maintain the metabolism of the face lipid membrane to keep the skin moisturized and smooth. Mulberry silk is very much suitable for Silk Nightwear.

Silk Fabrics is Best:

The silk fabrics are roughly divided into charmeuse/ waffle back satin, heavy waffle, georgette, georgette, double joe, heavy joe, sang satin, plain waffle satin, stretch plain waffle satin, underpinning knitting, and so on. 

Excellent brands calculate high-tech product processes in the fabric dyeing and finishing process, using environmentally friendly colorings, and the color fastness is over to 3-4.5. 


Real Silk sleep wear is composed of protein filaments and has excellent biocompatibility with the mortal body. In addition to its smooth face, its frictional stimulation measure to the mortal body is the smallest among all kinds of filaments, only7.4. Thus, when our delicate skin meets the smooth and delicate silk, it’ll take care of every inch of our skin with its unique soft texture, following the angles of the mortal body. 

Good Humidity Immersion & Desorption:

Silk protein fiber is rich in numerous hydrophilic groups similar to amine groups (-CHNH) and amino groups (-NH2). Because of its porosity, it’s easy for water motes to diffuse, so it can absorb water or emit water in the air and Keep a certain quantum of humidity. 

Under normal temperature, Ladies Silk Sleepwear can help the skin retain a certain quantum of humidity without making the skin too dry; summer clothes can snappily dissipate sweat and heat from the mortal body, making people feel extremely cool. It’s precise because of this performance that silk fabrics are more suitable for direct contact with mortal skin. Thus, people regard silk apparel as one of the necessary summer clothes. 

Ladies Silk Sleepwear has better heat dispersion performance and good warmth retention. Its thermal sequestration is due to its previous fiber structure. There are numerous veritably fine filaments in silk fiber, and these fine filaments are composed of indeed finer filaments. Thus, further than 38 of the putatively solid silk is concave, and there’s a large quantum of air in these gaps. This air prevents heat dispersion and makes the silk have good warmth retention. 

Sound Immersion, Dust Immersion & Heat Resistance:

Silk fabric has a high porosity, so it has good sound immersion and air immersion. In addition to making apparel, it can also be used for interior decoration, similar to silk carpets, tapestries, curtains, wall coverings, etc. 

Decorating the room with silk beautifiers makes the room dust-free and keeps the room quiet. Because silk has humidity immersion, humidity release parcels, humidity retention, air immersion, and porosity, Ladies Silk Sleepwear can also acclimate inner temperature and moisture and absorb dangerous feasts, dust, and microorganisms. In addition, silk filaments have low thermal denaturation and are fairly heat-resistant. 

When it’s heated to 100 °C, only about 5 2600C, which is ignitable and easy to melt. Thus, the use of silk fiber as a raw material for interior decoration plays a part in sound immersion, dust immersion, and heat preservation and plays a honey retardant function. 


The tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein absorb ultraviolet light, so Ladies Silk Sleepwear has a good anti-ultraviolet function. Ultraviolet shafts are veritably dangerous to mortal skin. Of course, after silk absorbs ultraviolet shafts, it undergoes a chemical change so that silk fabrics are prone to yellowing under the sun. 

Luster & Feel:

The pure Ladies Silk Sleepwear has light-absorbing parcels, looks smooth, and doesn’t have a glass face. It has a soft luster, pearly light, soft and elegant hand feeling, thick silk vestments, and wrinkles when grasped by the hand. The advanced the purity and the viscosity. The larger the silk, the better the hand sense; although the silk fabric has been hardened, the hand sense is softer, but the silk face is dark and has no plum luster; the chemical fiber fabric is bright and glowing, and the hand feels firmer. 

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