Why Koshin Water Pumps are turning to be a market favorite

A water pump is a mechanical device that is used to convey water from one place to another. The water conveyed can be used for irrigation, domestic purposes, construction among others. In this article, we are going to discuss important tips about pumps from the Koshin company.

Koshin is one of the best global pump manufacturing industries. It has been in operation for over 50 years producing a wide range of engines with reputations. The water pump models produced are suitable for; seawater, clean water, chemical water, trash water, and semi-trash water. These pumps are powerful, hence can perform heavy tasks.

Before using the pump

Ensure that the frequency, model, and voltage of the pump are correct. The ground wire must be connected to the ground before the power plug to avoid leakages. Install the pump near accumulated water. Wood or block should be put under the strainer to avoid sinking when using the pump on soft grounds.

To ensure the motor is protected, the Koshin water Pumps are installed with a thermal protector from inside. If the pump is overloaded, the thermal protector stops automatically, hence the motor is protected. When the motor has cooled down, the pump restarts automatically. If the condition persists; do an inspection by disconnecting the power supply at the power plug.

The pump has an air valve that prevents the occurrence of airlocks during the startups. The air valve also allows a uniform flow of air to provide a cooling effect on the motor. The pump will not get overheated when running without water. Make sure there is no debris in the air valve before using the pump.

How is the pump used?

The Koshin Water Pump is submerged into the water by tying the handle with a rope, then gently lowering the pump into the water. Do not hold the pump by the horse/code to prevent getting out the horse. The end of the delivery shouldn’t be submerged to prevent the backflow of water through siphoning when the pump is stopped.

After using the pump

The power plug is first disconnected. By using the ropes, the pump is then lifted out of water. Removing the pump out of the water with a power plug on lowers the insulation property, hence resulting in leakages and electric shock. The inside of the pump must be washed thoroughly and dried well before storage.

Guideline during repair and inspection

You should always measure the resistance between the power code and the ground wire using a tester. This should be done on regular basis. Normal resistance should be 20 MΩ or more, 1-20 MΩ is sufficient to run the pump under regular inspection while 1 MΩ is abnormal hence inspection and repair are needed.

The liquid paraffin sealing the shaft should be replaced. This should be done after every 3 months. If the paraffin gets contaminated with impurities or gets mixed with water, then it should be replaced. The liquid paraffin must always remain at 280cc.

What are the faults and possible remedies?

The pump may stop abruptly when in operation. The thermal protector should be inspected and the pump load reduced. This might also be associated with foreign materials in the impeller. These materials are removed by cleaning the strainer


Koshin products are ranked the best globally. Do not have doubt about the products. The products are not only durable but also efficient in performance. The water pumps are available in the market worldwide. For more, check koshin water pump price kenya.

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