Why It’s Important To Compress PDF Files

Receiving the Document Size Too Large error when attempting to send an email a PDF is the most annoying thing in the world. In fact, it would be wasteful to shorten PDFs by removing vital data. Thankfully, WPS is a free PDF compressor service website.

We provide a simple and cost-free method for shrinking PDFs. Moreover, no downloads are necessary to use our website. Or have a dedicated device where you may set up and run relevant applications to shave PDF size.

Why do you need to compress PDF files?

He had a valid excuse, of course. Here are some methods for reducing PDF size: The top three items we considered to be most valuable and significant are:

  • Saves the space of your device, PC, laptop or smartphone.
  • Easier files’ sharing.
  • Way faster PDF sending and transferring.

What Is The Process Through Which The PDF Compressor Operates?

The size of a PDF file may be reduced by up to 90% by compressing it, yet crucial data is preserved in the process. During compression, you can refer to this process as “zip.” The image will be stretched and compressed by the system algorithm. Document structure with embedded subset typefaces Also, it gets rid of certain superfluous components like broken bookmarks.

How To Compress PDF Files Online Smoothly?

The steps for compressing PDF files are as follows:

  1. Go to the PDF Compressor
  2. Drag & drop or add files from your device. or send using Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. Choose the PDF compression level (“Maximum” or “Recommended compression”).
  4. To begin the process, select “Compress”.
  5. Download or modify your result document.

Two Methods For PDF Compression

Remember that file size and quality are crucial considerations when compressing PDFs online. The graphics inside a PDF may appear blurry if you reduce them too much. We have two options for compressing hazy PDFs online:

Recommended Compression

In most cases, the File quality is relatively high when you use this setting to downsize a PDF. Although the size is typically greater than “Maximum compression.”

Maximum Compression

The PDF is compressed as much as feasible with this setting. You might still prefer the smallest size available. But it’s crucial to remember that choosing this option can result in a lower-quality document.

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