Why Do New Moms Love Hot and Cold Water Purifiers?

Each type of tea or milk requires a specific water temperature to ensure safety and taste. This poses a challenge for new moms. Enter the hot and cold water purifier, a modern solution that offers the utmost convenience.

1. Convenience Brought by Hot and Cold Water Purifiers

Family hot and cold water purifiers combine the functions of water purifiers and familiar hot and cold water dispensers. This cutting-edge device features a 2-in-1 functionality, allowing users to access three different water temperatures with just one product:

  • Hot water mode with temperatures ranging from 90 – 95°C, perfect for brewing tea, making milk, cooking noodles, and more.
  • Cold water mode, reaching temperatures between 6 – 10°C, meeting hydration needs during hot summer days.
  • Room temperature mode, suitable for daily use.

Eliminating the need for two separate appliances, this device not only offers convenience but also integrates smart overflow prevention and auto shut-off features, safeguarding users from potential harm caused by hot water. Moreover, touch-sensitive controls or simple buttons streamline water access, ensuring peace of mind for households with elderly and young members.

Hot and cold water purifiers provide a convenient experience for users.

2. Enhanced Time Savings for New Moms

Preparing baby formula is a common concern for new moms. Water for formula not only needs to be clean but also at an appropriate temperature, usually between 40 to 50°C. Excessively high temperatures can degrade the nutritional content of the milk, while overly cold water not only hinders formula dissolution but also affects the baby’s digestive system.

Meanwhile, traditional boiling methods carry risks of burns or explosions, and achieving precise temperatures can be challenging. This is where hot and cold water purifiers come to the rescue for new moms. These devices provide accurately heated water with just a few simple steps, saving time and effort. This allows moms more time to care for themselves and their families.

Hot and cold water purifiers help users save time.

3. Reassured Quality of Clean Water

Environmental pollution concerns have made water quality less reliable. Hot and cold water purifiers are equipped with advanced filtration technology, featuring ultra-small RO filters that eliminate impurities, bacteria, toxins, and heavy metal ions from water. This ensures that the output water is pure and safe, upholding user health. Some models also incorporate additional mineral enhancement, offering water that’s beneficial for health.

Among superior quality hot and cold water purifiers, the Mutosi brand stands out. Equipped with advanced RO filtration technology meeting international NFS standards, it eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria, dirt, and toxins. The purified water complies with national standards for direct drinking water (QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT). 

Additionally, this purifier employs modern Block cooling technology, providing cold water at a temperature range of 5-8°C and quickly heating water to temperatures between 45°C and 95°C, catering to various needs like refreshment, milk preparation, and noodle cooking.

Mutosi water purifiers are equipped with modern Block-based cooling technology.

Hot and cold water purifiers come with remarkable benefits that contribute to modern family living. With the conveniences they offer, these purifiers become an essential addition to households. 

Explore the range of Mutosi hot and cold water purifiers here (May loc nuoc nong lanh Nhat Ban) for more information.

For purifiers without hot and cold modes, click here: May loc nuoc RO

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