Why create an Android application? Top 3 reasons!

When you want to create a mobile application, the first question in your mind is: for which operating systems to create it? You can create separate apps for iOS and Android or build a cross platform app also.

Mobile applications are created for specific operating systems. This means that, in the supposed case that we wanted to reach 100% of the people, we would have to develop a version of our app for each mobile operating system that currently exists.

The good news is that, although there are several operating systems, most mobile devices only work with two large systems, Android or iOS. The rest of the operating systems have quite low market shares compared to the previous two.

Android and iOS lead the market share of mobile operating systems with great advantage. Android and iOS account for almost 99% of the devices. So, given what has been seen, the decision of which systems to create the application for is simpler. We can develop for Android, for iOS or for both. This article is not written with the intention of making a comparison between Android and iOS. We are just going to see why Android is an interesting system to launch a mobile application. You need to hire the best developers for providing the best Android development service.

1. Number of users

The biggest advantage that Android has is the number of users who use it. Android is the leading operating system in terms of the number of users. In terms of number of users, it is unrivaled. During 2019 and 2020 it maintained around 85% market share. This means that, if we create our application for Android, we will be reaching approximately 9 out of 10 people. This has a simple explanation. Android is an open source system, that is, any manufacturer can use it on their devices at no cost. That is why brands such as Samsung, HTC or Huawei, among others, use Android as the operating system on their mobiles. The result is that when we go to a mobile phone store, the vast majority work with Android, with which, there is a great possibility that we end up buying a mobile with this system. That’s why companies providing the best Android app development service are increasing in number.

2. More feedback

What do I mean by more feedback? I mean that you will get more information about what your users think of the application. Android applications have much more opinions and reviews on Google Play compared to the iOS App Store and other stores. It is a fact that is directly related to the number of users. The more users, the more opinions. But it is not only the proportion of users that allows to obtain more opinions. Android users tend to be more inclined to give their opinion in the app store. Today, the number of downloads on Android would have to be about 8 times more than iOS. So, if both types of users scored with the same frequency, in Google Play there would have to be 8 times more opinions than in the App Store. In contrast, currently the application on Google Play has 160 times more opinions.

In conclusion, Android users are more likely to rate and give their opinion on an application than iOS users. All this information that users offer us is vital when it comes to improving an application and knowing what they like, what they don’t like and what can be improved.

3. Larger community of developers

There are several experts of Android app development other than for other platforms. Why? The language used to program in Android is Java. This language is used on other platforms beyond Android. It is also a widely used language to learn to program, which is why it is usually taught in any center or university that teaches programming. Other systems such as iOS, use their own language and only serve to program on a specific platform. In this way, it is much easier, for a programmer who starts with mobile devices, to program on Android than on iOS.

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