Where to start if you want to service the car yourself?

Do you want to learn how to repair your car? Can you imagine how cool it will be to fix your car yourself? However, when it gets time to fix your car, you become a scaredy-cat. Doubt aside, if you really want to fix your car, you can do it by yourself.

Same as learning something new, you need to start in stages and never try to remove the gearbox or engine immediately. It will not lead to anything productive. Trying to fix any part of the car in your first attempt is illogical and unreasonable, and you may need car service at doorstep in Mumbai.

To get started with self car repair, you need:

Patience and perseverance. Before starting the repair, make sure to study the parts you will have to work on. Step by step, each step, one by one.

Get the right set of tools. It does not mean you need a high-level expensive professional kit, entry-level tools will do the job. With the wrong set of tools, you may end up not enjoying working with your iron friend’s oiled entrails. Then why overpay for car workshops in Mumbai?

If you have any confusion regarding where to start? It is best if you familiarize yourself with five interesting and, at the same time, easy repair car options. This will help you learn the basics of working with a car. In case of wrong actions, it will also save you from any major damage to the car. Moreover, you will certainly have moral satisfaction from the fact that you were ready to do it yourself.

You can start with these simple repairs:

  1. Changing the car air filter

Replacing your old and rusty car filter with new ones is one of the easiest jobs on the list. You can easily, quickly and cheaply replace it on almost any car without calling any car service in Mumbai. It is recommended to change filters of passenger cars after every 10-15 thousand km ride.

For replacing the air filter of most of the cars, you will not need any special tools. Just unfasten a few latches, remove the top cover of the air filter box, and now you can easily repair or replace it.

2. Changing the engine oil

A picture of an oil change will surely pop up in front of your eyes when you imagine some mechanic servicing your car. It is one of the most classic but essential points for the maintenance of cars.

Oil replacement must be made after every 12 months or upon reaching a certain mileage recommended in the car manual (10-15 thousand km), whichever comes first.

Also, it is recommended to change the engine oil in a “pit” or a garage equipped with a lift.

3. Replacing the incandescent lamp

How many people does it take to change a light bulb? It is a classic joke with a fair amount of truth in some car repair cases. It is a simple job, but anytime can turn into a serious headache. For some cars, to change one light bulb, you literally need to disassemble half of the car’s front.

Before changing the bulb, make sure you have the right model of the light bulb for replacement. For this, you can remove the burned-out light bulb, carry it to the store and use it to buy a new one.

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