When to Bet the Moneyline

Most bettors would agree that NFL point spreads are the most important thing to focus on when betting on sports. Point spread betting is popular in other sports as well, but it’s not the only option that is out there. 

A moneyline bet is the most basic wager that you can make, and there are certain times when this is clearly the best option. There are other times to avoid looking at the moneyline, and it’s important to know the difference between the two. 

We recommend BetUS for your moneyline betting, but no matter where you go, here are a few times when you will want to bet the moneyline as opposed to betting against the spread. 

Favorable Odds

The best time to make a moneyline bet is when there are favorable odds listed at the sportsbook. This can mean different things depending on the betting market, but you have to know how to read odds for this to matter.

There are certain games that have one team as a heavy favorite, and it simply makes no sense to look at the moneyline with that type of wager. Other times, the favorite would still return a nice payout, and that is the best time to strike.

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Certain Sports

Some sports simply don’t offer a good opportunity to bet against the spread, and the moneyline will always be the best option. Sports that feature very little scoring would qualify as good moneyline betting opportunities because there won’t usually be a large spread. 

These sports would include baseball, hockey, and soccer, but you could also find some international events that work in this way as well. Don’t always bet the moneyline when you are looking at these markets, but it should be the first option that you look at. 

Included On a Parlay

Another reason to bet the moneyline is if you are going to include this wager in a parlay. You are already giving yourself a chance to win some real money with a parlay, and it’s best to ensure that you at least win every leg. 

Betting against the spread would obviously increase your potential payout even more, but it’s also going to cause your nerves to become more wrecked. Don’t even worry about the gap in the two teams and simply make a moneyline bet to throw into your parlay. 

No Real Favorite

Finally, the best reason to bet the moneyline as opposed to betting against the spread is when there isn’t a real favorite in the game. If you see a spread of 1.5 points or less than it would be wise to simply pick the team that you believe will win the game. 

The last thing that you want to do when creating a parlay wager is to lose the bet because you went with the spread as opposed to the moneyline. 

Along with this, you are going to find some valuable and favorable moneyline odds if this is indeed the case. Instead of worrying about a team keeping the outcome to one point or less, just simply choose which team you think will win the game.  You will always find value betting at BetUS

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