When The Drop Hits Dog Treats | The Benefits Of Yoghurt Drops For Dogs

Is your dog a fan of sweets? Yoghurt drops are a new treat that pet parents love. Yoghurt is high in vitamins and minerals, as well as beneficial bacteria and probiotics that promote gut health. In moderation with a healthy doggo diet, the fruity flavours add a punch to any dinner bowl. Here’s everything you need to know about when the drop hits dog treats and why yoghurt drops are beneficial from WAG.

How Are Yoghurt Drops Produced?

Yoghurt drops are typically more than just yoghurt. Yogurt drops are a combination of yoghurt solids, sugar, fruity flavours, skim milk solids, and palm kernel oil to keep drops cost-effective for dog owners everywhere.

Yoghurt drops are available in a variety of traditional flavours, including apricot, banana, carob, strawberry, and vanilla, among others. All of these flavours have been tried and tested to ensure that they are both safe and tasty for your dog. Chocolate and dogs may not seem like a natural pairing, but Carob is a chocolatey flavour that is non-toxic and delicious for canines. Similarly, aniseed in treats for dogs is unfamiliar to many dog owners, but it can be a tasty flavour for them to enjoy in moderation.

It is critical to only give your dog treats made specifically for dogs. That is why the manufacturer ensures that all ingredients are healthy, wholesome and, most importantly, safe for your dog to consume.

Are Yoghurt Drops Good For Your Dog?

Because of the sweetness of the ingredients, yoghurt is more of a treat than a main course. Moderation is essential, just as it is with our favourite human desserts. We recommend no more than ten drops per day. If you’ve gone overboard by accident, no worries; simply give them a smaller dinner and get back on track tomorrow.

But, with pet obesity on the rise in Australia—between 30% and 50% of pet dogs in Europe, Australia, and the United States are estimated to be overweight or obese—up its top experts to keep the cheat treats for dogs in check. As dog owners, it is their responsibility to keep their four-legged friends in good shape so that they can live their best lives for as long as possible.

As much as the dogs would love an endless supply of yoghurty goodness, they must maintain a balanced diet, which means indulging in small amounts. We know it’s difficult to look deep into those puppy-dog eyes and say no, but your dog’s waistline will thank you.

Are Probiotics in Yoghurt Beneficial to Dogs?

Probiotics are good bacteria that promote gut health in your dog and are as beneficial to your dog as they are to you. They promote healthy daily digestion and can alleviate stomach upset and inflammation. Probiotics are also known to help with bad dog breath.

Yoghurt contains beneficial bacteria and probiotics that aid in digestive health and our yoghurt drops are no exception. However, as with any good thing, they must be consumed in moderation. Yoghurt drops are an ‘occasional’ treat and should not be used as a supplement if your dog requires a high dose of probiotics. If this is the case, we recommend speaking with your veterinarian or a pet nutritionist about what other probiotics your dog may require.

Are Yoghurt Drops Environmentally-Friendly?

Indulging your dog’s sweet tooth should be environmentally friendly. But are you getting any red flags when you look at the ingredient list? Palm oil is among the most versatile oils in the industry and is used in a staggering number of products, particularly yoghurt drops. You can rest assured that it uses only sustainable palm oil in the production of the yoghurt drops.

What does this imply? It means that the palm oil in yoghurt drops is grown ethically and generated in a way that safeguards the environment and the local communities that rely on it for a living.

Sticking with companies that value transparency and use organic means you won’t come across anything rotten. Always read the ingredient label or visit the website of a product that contains palm oil to find out where they stand in the fight to save the rainforest. There’s no need to tuck-tail if it’s sourced sustainably. If it isn’t, think about looking for another source. Remember that treating your dog should bring you joy, not guilt.

Can You Incorporate Yoghurt Drops Into Your Dog Training?

Yoghurt drops are the ideal treat to bring to your dog’s training session. They’re not only flavorful, but since they’re a cheat treat, your dog will be on their greatest behaviour for something a little different. We love obedience and all of its wonderful benefits, including a stronger bond with your best friend. Yoghurt drops, with their bite-sized shape and distinct flavours, will have any dog sitting, staying, and speaking to perfection for just one bite.

Yoghurt drops are also an excellent puppy packs because they are flavorful and soft enough for a young puppy’s teeth. Want to extend the training session while still treating your dog gently? Reduce the size of your drops to get a few more tricks in.

Keep the lid tightly closed and store them in the fridge or a cool, dry place until it’s time to tingle your dog’s taste buds.


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