When Can You Shower After Lasik?

Since you have been managing glasses and contacts for years, you are likely looking ahead to having LASIK. However, you may also have many questions about what you may and can not do and how you have to protect your “new” eyes after your LASIK procedure. After the success of your LASIK surgery (https://www.visualaidscentre.com/), the recovery process is not over the same day. Your corneas will hold to heal over the following numerous weeks after proper LASIK aftercare is essential to avoiding infection and having a premier result.

Discover the basics of LASIK aftercare, consisting of taking essential medicines. Moreover, the way to complete day-by-day activities like showering and bathing till your eyes have finished recovering.

Care of Your Eyes Post-LASIK: Water Exposure

  • LASIK Aftercare for Showering & Bathing

However, it is typically ok to wash or shower the day after your LASIK eye surgery. For the primary week after your LASIK surgery, keeping water, soap, hair care products, and washing liquids away from the eye is vital. Do now no longer rub your eyes at the same time as bathing. If water, soap, shampoo, and comparable washing substances aren’t kept out of the vision for the 7-day post-op period, patients could:

  • Run the chance of contamination with soap, water, shampoo, etc. in the eyes
  • Experience burning and irritation
  • Rub your eyes and wrinkle the corneal flap made throughout the LASIK eye surgery
  • Accidentally exacerbate any dry eye symptoms/start experiencing dry eye symptoms
  • LASIK Aftercare for Other Water Exposure & Swimming

Patients need to understand when they can go back to the pool, warm tub, ocean, or lake during the summer months after laser eye surgery. LASIK eye surgery patients wait for 14 days earlier than returning to those activities to ensure excellent LASIK aftercare and healing. Due to the chemicals in chlorinated water and the particles in salt and freshwater bodies, irritation, redness, and corneal tissue contamination is an excessive possibility immediately after LASIK eye surgery. Interactions with those bodies of water can be gradual during the recovery process or cause post-op damage.

Returning to Daily Activities After LASIK

As patients speedy regain their ability to perform everyday activities the day after LASIK eye surgical treatment. It is essential not to forget that even though you will likely not enjoy any pain, your corneal tissue takes time to heal. To limit chances for corneal infections or flap dislodging. It is recommended to attend the recommended amount of time to do the following:

  • Applying Makeup and Eye Creams: One Week After LASIK

Wait seven days after LASIK eye surgery to use eye makeup, including eye cream, eyeliner (kajal or kohl eyeliner), mascara, or eye shadow. When using different facial cosmetics, you do not rub them close to your eye. Make sure powders that include toners, foundations, or blush do not get into the eye. Generally, it is an excellent concept to buy new eye makeup to wear after your LASIK surgery, as this can minimize any chance of infection. Please take excessive caution while removing your makeup after LASIK. Be cautious not to apply a force to your eye. Do not rub your eyes excessively while doing away with makeup, which will damage the flap created.

  • Exercise: One Day to Two Weeks

You may also start exercising in your house or outside two days after your LASIK eye surgery. It is recommended to avoid public gyms for five days after your LASIK eye surgery, as there may be a multiplied risk of infection. Swimming physical games and different exercises regarding chlorinated, salt, or freshwater regions have to be avoided for two weeks.

Protective eyewear has to be worn with any touch sports, basketball, or racquet sports activities, including tennis, racquetball, and squash, for four weeks after LASIK. It allows people to play their preferred sports even as maximizing eye protection.

  • Work and Using a Computer: One day

Most people can go back to work the day following LASIK eye surgery. Providence Eye advises patients to buy over-the-counter preservative-free lubricating drops in person vials. It is an excellent way to be used for numerous weeks during the LASIK post-op period. When returning to work, you want to make time to hold up with each prescribed and over-the-counter lubricating drop. By following instructions for drops, you will shorten healing time, maximize comfort and enhance your post-op work productivity.

If your job consists of frequent computer use, try and blink regularly. Studies show human beings tend to blink half as regularly as they commonly do while they may be using a computer. You can also grow your use of lubricating drops if you sense your eyes are dry or your vision appears foggy. Eyes may be dry even though they do not experience dryness to you.

Additionally, it is vital if you want to change your focus every 20 minutes. We recommend you place a reminder on your calendar to get up and focus on something that is farther away for 30 seconds to 1 complete minute. It will assist your eyes slowly modifying back to heavy computer screen use and holding your eyes lubricated at some stage in the day using your over-the-counter preservative-free lubricating drops.

  • Outdoor Work: Two Weeks

Our LASIK surgeons advise their LASIK postoperative patients to keep away from dirt, smoke, and mold and work in the yard, barn, attic, basement or move slowly for 14 days. It helps make sure that:

The probabilities for small or big outdoor particles to go into the attention are minimized—the threat of infection, eye rubbing, or accidentally dislodging the flap.

Substances consisting of smoke, dirt, dust, and yard work/gardening debris are much less likely to worsen postoperative corneal tissue. It grows to be lodged in the corneal flap, causing pain and potential infection.

Suppose you do happen to get dirt or dust into your eye within the one week after your LASIK surgery. Rinse your eyes with the preservative-free lubricating drops you purchased before your surgery.

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