What Should You Know About Sol Chicks? – Expert Guide

The sol chicks are a delightful cast of characters, visually stunning gaming, and a fantastic development group. The game is among the blockchain gaming industry’s most eagerly awaited launches.

SolChicks, a strong breed of war chickens, are the focus of the game. The Spartan-like fashion in which Solchicks govern their community belies their adorable looks. The most powerful Solchick fighters are feared and adored. In 2021, an interplanetary danger known as the SolFox assaulted the SolChicks homeworld, Chico. The SolChicks were not able to counter this menace in spite of their best attempts. During the epic fight, the SolChicks sacrificed a large number of members. In pursuit of explanations and a new happy location, the survivors escaped to the stars.

Recent IGO and Sol Chicks Theme:

Solchicks’ CHICKS token was the topic of the net when it was announced. Mainly due to the program’s high profile and popularity. Likewise, because the buzz was so great during the IGO, it drove the Solana system to its breaking point. 

The network’s ability to execute approximately 65,000 exchanges per second illustrates the program’s enormous popularity. The number of individuals attempting to approach the Solana system to engage created a delay in system connections on December 13th at 14:00 UTC, according to blockchain researchers. Chicks are now available to buy on Raydium or MEXC Global, as the infrastructure has recovered.

Gameplay to Know About Sol Chicks:

The gaming is the most amazing aspect of this production, as charming as the major characters are and as engaging as their tale is. Solchicks offers some great games, as you can see in the picture beneath. The sample is very pleasant to play, and when joined with the richness of the tale, the game will undoubtedly bring hours of enjoyment when it is launched. The game features all of the elements of gameplay that a gamer would really want to experience.

In-game, players will confront mixed PvP and PvE challenges. The PvE situations were created with the goal of establishing game features, character development, and advancing the tale of the Solchicks’ adventure.

Gaming Projects and the Players Team:


The sol chicks have a strong development team behind them. This program is going someplace, thanks to a devoted team of almost sixty employees and an established history of success. The development team has a long list of collaborators. One of the factors for the successful completion of a project is the presence of around forty launch sites. The collaboration list also includes some well-known blockchain pioneers, such as Brave Browser and Chainlink. Ice Cube, a rapper, actor, and director, has joined the project.

Final Verdict:

Solchicks is a start-up on the Solana platform that aims to be the top imaginary NFT PvP and Play to Earn game community.

The Schick stackable NFTs serve as the foundation of the community. A Schick is a fighter chicken whose home planet, Chicco, was destroyed by the Colfax. Solchicks NFTs are the game’s main protagonists and the focus of the game enjoyment.

The sol chicks already have a big social fanbase, with over 500k followers on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. The game’s prolog trial is now available to play. It takes place on Chicco from before the defeat of the home planet. It’s a fantastic approach for players to get a feel for the game.

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