What is the Salary of an SSC GD Constable? What is the Scope of Promotion for SSC GD Constable?

Every year lakhs of candidates apply for one of the best posts to work under the Ministry of Home Affairs, the SSC General Duty Constable position. The key responsibilities of a GD Constable are to strengthen internal security, secure and manage the country borders, and administer Union Territories, among several others. It is one of the high-paying positions that come with a considerable number of perks. If you’re interested in applying for the position and detailed salary, this article will provide you with all the details:

SSC GD Constable Job Profile

Staff Selection Commission recruits GD Constable for various Security Forces. The SSC GD Constable Job Profile is as follows:

1. GD Constable in BSF

A GD Constable in Border Security Forces guards the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh border to promote a sense of security among the citizens living close to the border. They also conduct anti-infiltration duties and prevent any illegal activities occurring on the border.

2. GD Constable in ITBP

The role of a GD Constable in the Indo Tibetan Border Police Force is to restore duty in any region of the disturbance. They also keep a check on any illegal immigration and prevent illegal activities, such as smuggling.

3. GD Constable in CISF

GD Constables working for the CISF have to provide security to Public Sector Units and other essential infrastructure. They also ensure safety on the Delhi Metro, airports and railways.

4. GD Constable in SSB

Their primary role is to prevent any cross-border crimes and activities. GD Constables in SSB are also responsible for protecting the Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bhutan borders.

5. GD Constable in CRPF

The internal security of India comes under the duty of GD Constables in CRPF. They also operate for the Indian Peace Keeping Force abroad and work closely with the UN peacekeeping missions.

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SSC GD Constable Salary – In Hand and Basic Pay

Since the SSC GD department falls directly under the Ministry of Home Affairs, the employees receive a handsome salary. Therefore, the pay scale varies from 3.5 lakh per annum to 6 lakh per annum. The initial salary for an SSC GD starts with the basic pay of Rs 21,700 per month, which can go to a maximum of Rs 69,100.

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The detailed salary structure under the SSC GD Constable recruitment is as mentioned below:

Earnings Salary (In INR)
Basic SSC GD Pay 21,700
Transport Allowance 1,224
House Rent Allowance 2,538
Dearness Allowance 434
Total Earnings 25,896
Total Deductions (CGHS + CGEGIS + Pension Contribution) 2,369
Net Earnings 23,527

SSC GD Constable Perks

Besides the salary mentioned above, the SSC GD Constable position also attracts a few perks and benefits, which include:

  1. Pension schemes
  2. Annual paid leaves
  3. Medical facilities
  4. Transportation allowance
  5. Security or risk allowance
  6. Field allowance

The above perks also depend on the area of the posting. GD Constables are also eligible for food allowance. Postings in more challenging regions often attract higher bonuses. Therefore, the in-hand salary of an SSC GD Constable is variable, depending upon experience and expertise.

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Promotions of SSC GD Constable

The candidates shortlisted for the SSC General Duty Constable have a lot of scope for promotion over the years. The salary of the SSC GD also increases with the rise in post. However, there is a different period of promotion depending on the specific department. A few sub-parts of the SSC GD also require candidates to appear for a departmental exam to qualify for promotions. After meeting the necessary criteria and experience, a constable is further promoted as a Senior Head Constable. Once promoted as the Senior Head Constable, the candidate has to take charge of a police station.

The positions for SSC GD Constable’s promotions are as mentioned below:

  1. Senior Constable
  2. Head Constable
  3. Assistant Sub Inspector
  4. Sub Inspector
  5. Inspector


The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) recruits suitable candidates for the position of GD Constable every year to serve the country by ensuring its internal and border safety. It is one of the most sought-after central government job opportunities with a considerable number of perks and benefits.

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