What is the Difference Between Linux and Windows Shared Hosting Services?

Most web hosting companies provide two types of hosting: Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Linux hosting refers to shared hosting, the industry’s most popular hosting service. In fact, because of its low cost and flexibility, Linux hosting is now used by most websites. PHP and MySQL are supported by Linux hosting, which allows for using scripts such as WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpBB. On the other hand, Windows hosting uses Windows as the operating system for the servers and provides Windows-specific technologies such as ASP,.NET, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL).

What is the distinction between Windows and Linux shared hosting?

Shared hosting for Windows and Linux are both powerful. Both have some distinguishing characteristics. You must select a web hosting plan based on the technology of your website.

Linux shared hosting is based on the open-source Linux operating system. Most websites are run on the Linux operating platform due to their low cost and flexibility. PHP and MySQL are the most compelling reasons to use the Linux platform. PHP and MySQL will also be supported in Windows hosting, but they will perform better in Linux hosting. It works with most PHP applications, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Open cart, PrestaShop, abantecart, etc. Well-known PHP will work flawlessly with PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, and others for database support. In addition, Linux hosting will support some programming languages such as Python and Bash.

Windows shared hosting is a service that runs on the Windows operating system. The majority of Windows computers will support PHP and Mysql. However, opt for Windows hosting plans when developing an application or website with ASP.NET. Because Windows hosting is specifically designed to help ASP.NET, in terms of databases, Windows hosting will support both MSSQL and MySQL; choose whichever you prefer.

Licensing and fees

The first distinction is self-evident. Microsoft sells Windows for a benefit, while Linux is free and open-source. This implies that facilitating organizations that run Windows servers should buy a permit. That cost is then given to you by the facilitating organization, making Windows promoting somewhat more costly than Linux facilitating.

Linux is completely free and open-source. You’ll possibly be paying for the equipment and administrations when you get Linux facilitating, not for a Windows permit. However, the price difference is not significant. You’ll have to pay for decent Linux hosting for around INR 30 per month. You’ll have to pay INR 50 per month for Windows hosting.


Unix is the undisputed leader in terms of popularity. Linux, an open-source variant of Unix, is utilized by 42.8 percent of all Unix-based sites. Other Unix systems such as BSD, Darwin, Solaris, and Minix only serve 0.1 percent of all websites and 33 percent of all websites on one of the major Linux distros.

The most likely explanation is that the unidentified systems are either advanced Linux distributions or were not mentioned on the host websites. Even if they aren’t, they use Unix or Linux systems rather than Windows. Only 28 percent of websites run on Windows.

Why is Linux so popular that it outnumbers Windows nearly three to one in usage statistics? Aside from being free, Linux has been around for a while and now has simple and intuitive management tools. In contrast to using Linux as a personal operating system, you do not need to be a programmer to use Linux hosting. It is as simple as generating a name, creating a website on WordPress, and publishing it to make a personal website. Usually, many individuals have done this, subsequent in numerous Linux-facilitated sites.


So far, the most significant distinction between Linux and Windows hosting is one of technology. Linux runs custom software and supports most programming languages, whereas Windows runs and manages data using specific Microsoft software.

MySQL is used by Linux servers, whereas Windows servers use MSSQL. Microsoft ASP.NET is also used as the primary programming language for Windows hosting. These are not widely used technologies, and most beginning programmers would need to devote a significant amount of time to mastering them.

Enormous companies principally use Windows Server Datacenter and MSSQL to foster restrictive servers. Assuming you’re searching for a task in one of those enterprises, or on the other hand, if you figure your future ventures will incorporate managing inheritance projects from enormous partnerships, Windows facilitating could be a solid match. Furthermore, if you require MSSQL or ASP.NET for future employment or to run applications on your website, Windows is the way to go.

In the majority of other cases, Linux should be sufficient. MySQL is the most well-known information the board framework, and it accompanies plenty of supporting programming. It supports PHP, Perl, and Python, making it usable by developers of all skill levels.


The final significant distinction between Linux and Windows hosting is the ability to customize it. Linux is also a market leader in this area.

Assuming you own a server, you can introduce any Linux appropriation on it. Only a licensed version of Windows Server Datacenter is available with Windows. This may not be very sensitive to a beginner. Still, for those who know how to configure Linux distributions, this is a fantastic opportunity to improve the performance of their servers.

In Linux hosting, there is a layer of easier customizability. Popular website creation platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are designed for Linux. They can also be used on Windows servers, but tinkering will require some. Many open-source applications that can assist you in

customizing a website or a server may not support ASP.NET, making Linux a better choice.


These two types of hosting provide the same level of expertise. As a result, the hosting service you select is heavily influenced by your website’s technologies. For example, if you want to start a blog with WordPress or set up an online forum with phpBB, Linux hosting is a great option. However, if your website necessitates specific Microsoft technologies, such as MSSQL, you must use Windows hosting.

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