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What Is Search Engine Optimization? A Quick Guide

According to one study, 68% of a user’s online experience starts with a search engine.

If you want to advertise your business, you should start incorporating search engine optimization practices.

But what is search engine optimization? Thankfully, we have the perfect guide to introduce you, so make sure you keep reading.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic you get on your website. However, it can also give more exposure to your company by using organic search results.

In order to take advantage of this, you’ll have to know what people are searching for while also having the answers to any of their questions. You’ll also need to do research to see what common words or phrases they’re using.

Do research on what type of content your audience is also looking for. Once you figure out what your audience is looking for, you’ll need to make content that the algorithm will label as worthy for your audience.

How Does it Work?

Google and Bing are one of the two common search engines. Both of these sites have bots that crawl through every page on the web. They’ll collect information from these sites and then index them into a giant library.

Then, an algorithm will go through this index and rank them in accordance with what they think people will be looking for. So if your content ranks high in that index, more people will see your content on the first page when they look for information.

Even if you wanted to pay to be at the top of an organic search, you can’t do that. That’s why you need an SEO expert in order to optimize your website to be ranked higher at the top.


For example, you don’t have to spend money on ads, but instead, you just utilize the search engine to direct traffic to your search engine. Once you get to the top of the search results, your website traffic will jump up drastically.

It can also increase the number of organic results you get. Organic results normally need more purchases or better returns for you.

Once you make the initial investment of creating good SEO content, you won’t have to do anything else. In fact, if your page produces good content, more and more people will start viewing it over time, compounding your traffic.

Plus, it will increase the quality of your traffic as well. Even if you pay for ads for your traffic, you won’t be getting the best traffic. You need traffic that is actually investing and interested in your product.

When you have people actually interested in it visiting your site, you’ll also have less of a bounce rate, which will also help to improve your SEO!

How to Improve SEO

If you aren’t familiar with SEO practices or strategies, you can always hire a digital marketing service as well, like Atlanta SEO Company.

But if you want to do it on your own, try following some of these tips.

Find Good Keywords

Make sure that you do a lot of research to find out what keywords people are searching for in your industry. It might only be one word, but it could also be a phrase or term that you use on your website. You can use these keywords to bring up your content when people search it.

You can start your research by looking through Google Ads and Google Trends. Both of these are great places to let you know what phrases people are searching online. They even let you compare different phrases to see what others are searching for.

Try and find a keyword that will also set you apart from your competition.

Optimize for Crawlers

Since the website crawlers are what’s going to be indexing your site, you need to ensure that it’s decipherable.

For example, you’ll have to know where to put the keywords and organize your website map in a way that’s easily readable. You’ll also need to include links to important pages.

If you have any media like videos, photos, or infographics, you should go into the HTML code and label them so the crawler will know what your site is about.

Check Health of Website

You’ll need to make sure that your website doesn’t have any spelling or grammatical errors. Your pages should be working and not have any links that are broken or expired.

You’ll also need to make sure that the titles for your pages are concise, clear, and descriptive. Get rid of any pages that are duplicated, and make sure each page has a meta description that sums up what your page is talking about.

You should also try and make your URLs as short as possible while still being relevant to your site. Run through your website and see how long everything takes to load and make note of anything that doesn’t load.

Learn More About Search Engine Optimization

These are only a few things to know to help you answer: “What is search engine optimization?” But there are many more things to consider!

We know that running a business can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.

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