What is PPC and Learn How PPC can be Beneficial for You?

While learning about the different aspects of Digital Marketing, you might also have heard of PPC. PPC is a paid way of marketing done on online platforms, where every time a visitor clicks the ads, the advertisers need to pay. However, in this blog we will learn everything about PPC, its importance, skills & platform required, etc. So, let us start the guide for PPC.

What is PPC and Why it is Used?

PPC or Pay per click is the way of generating traffic through paid ways, and the website owner pays to bring the traffic to their site.

There are different platforms through which you can advertise your website and pay for it. Among all those platforms, the search engines are the most popular ones. Search Engines offer the bids to the website for ad placement whereby they put the sponsored links on the top.

Moreover, the most popular platform where PPC works is Google Ads. It is also the most famous advertising platform that displays your ads on their search pages and other properties.

Why it is used? Sometimes it is difficult to get traffic or to generate leads, bringing the website on top of the search engine results when needed, hence to do so we pay some amount to the search engines to get desired results. i.e, Getting Traffic, Lead Generation, and Top ranking in Search Engine Results. Moreover, there are many benefits of PPC which we are going to learn below.

Benefits of learning PPC

benefits of PPC

Gives results constantly

PPC is beneficial for those businesses that require instant results. Unlike SEO, PPC brings the inorganic crowd overnight. Also, in the case of PPC, the results are constant since your site will continue appearing as an ad in the search pages and other sites.

Lead Generation

In today’s time, in the business world, you constantly need new business opportunities and clients if you need to grow. And the most effective way for growing online business is generating leads. Through this, one can attract the correct type of people to their webpage.

Reaching Target Audience

The advertising models of the PPC allow the user to make specific changes. And these specific controls will enable you to meet the targeted audience. It is one of the major significance offered by PPC. You can hit the desired age group, gender, or professional audience with this.

Improves SEO

SEO and PPC optimization have a lot to do together. It helps to improvise SEO since the sites will target the exact keywords on the same platforms and the same audience.

Platform for PPC

Platform for PPC

Search Ads

Google Search Ads is one of the biggest platforms for PPC. It mainly refers to those ads services that appear whenever visitors search for a query in the search engine.

Display Advertising

Display Ads does not include any keywords research or the texts to get discoverable on the internet. Instead, the display ads images in the corner or on the sides of a webpage fall under Display advertisements. It is a clickable image, which means when a person clicks on the image, they will be redirected to the website that has placed that advertisement there. The term used for display Ads is CPM (Cost Per Thousands).

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads help in re-engaging the visitors of your site. It is possible that the visitors brought through the ads, and may not buy the products and services offered by you. But these visitors can still be converted into customers through remarketing ads.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is another most prominent marketing method and gets maximum engagement due to the mass numbers of customers presented online. SMM is very cost-effective marketing and helps get more traffic or engagement at a minimum cost. The best example of this is Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

How to Learn PPC

Alt text – how to learn ppc

The best way to learn PPC is by joining a course, and the best platform is online. Moreover, many websites and institutes provide digital marketing courses and PPC specialization courses. However, one of the best institutes in India is Quibus Trainings. Quibus is the best digital marketing institute in Jaipur, which provides the best digital marketing course. They are amongst the top 10 institutes of India for an online digital marketing course. Hence through the course, you can easily follow the steps to learn PPC.

Steps to learn PPC

  1. Avail the classes: You can avail either an online course or even offline courses to learn the new skills for PPC.
  2. Checkout the tutorials: You can watch the tutorials online to understand PPC better. This will make you more explicit about the advantages, platforms, and uses of PPC.
  3. Go through the Readings: You can find the number of books and readings that can provide you with several pieces of knowledge and new information regarding PPC.
  4. Get a tool for PPC: There are several tools for PPC available online where you can add your ads, for example, Google Ads Editor, AdEspresso, Bing Ads Editor.
  5. Practice: Now, after all the theoretical knowledge, it is the time to practice. You need to use the tools of PPC and structure the ads.

After following the above steps, the learning doesn’t stop there. You must always be ready to learn new things. Since PPC is a part of digital marketing, it always has the probability of new changes and improvements. So, it will be best if you are ready and willing to learn new features and tools.

As you want to make digital marketing your career then you need to master Microsoft Excel. Having a decent skill and knowledge to work with excel and spreadsheets will make you more efficient. Moreover, digital marketing is a very creative field, and one must need to be creative to excel in this field. This is because you need to learn about the different Ad marketing strategies in the era of great competition. Hence, To stand out amongst your competitors you need to be creative.

Scope of PPC in a Digital Marketing Career?

A few years back then, only a few big businesses were using the PPC model to drive sales and were offering services on the search engines. However, due to the pandemic and the launch of 5G, even small businesses have started using online ads to get more traffic to their websites or local stores. And while considering it today, more internet users are going to the internet. Hence, the PPC future looks bright with many career opportunities and scope in digital marketing.


Therefore, this was the ultimate guide for you if you were new to the PPC word. Also, you might have understood the significance of PPC for the growth of the websites and growing traffic. So, learning PPC in today’s digital era is crucial and significant. Moreover, to learn PPC you can join Quibus Trainings or other best digital marketing institutes to ace the skill and make a successful digital marketing career in PPC.

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