What Does It Mean to Be a Disney Vacation Club Member?

If you’re a passionate Disney fan, it may be time to consider becoming a Disney Vacation Club member. Whether you’re an individual or part of a large family, there are membership options that could work for you!

And once you’re a Disney Vacation Club member, you only need to pay a low annual fee to maintain a lifetime membership. Imagine coming home to Disney every year and enjoying unique discounts. Sounds great, right?

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club is essentially a timeshare but with added Disney benefits. If you and your family make frequent trips to Disney properties and theme parks, you may want to consider becoming a Vacation Club member.

After all, Disney Vacation Club membership doesn’t only grant you access to a Disney timeshare property. It also offers unique benefits, such as discounts on park tickets, Disney dining and shopping, and special events.

Notably, becoming a Disney Vacation Club member doesn’t only grant you special access to parks and shopping areas. You can also find discounted cruise tickets and travel opportunities to worldwide Disney destinations.

If you and your family have been considering buying a secondary or vacation home, why not make it a Disney property? Not only will you get a guaranteed resort room, but you’ll reap a whole host of other benefits!

Disney Vacation Club Benefits

When you’re a part of the Disney Vacation Club, you’re also a beneficiary of all the wonderful pricing options available to club members. Disney Vacation Club members often get first-choice and discounted prices on:

  • Tickets
  • Events
  • Dining
  • Accommodation
  • Shopping

As such, you can utilize the Disney Vacation Club to ensure that every trip to Disneyland, Disney World, or other Disney properties is amazing. You can eat to your heart’s content and shop until you drop with these deals!

Oftentimes, Disney also gives club members discounts on seasonal events or once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Of course, the flip side of these jaw-dropping specials and offers is the initial cost of becoming a member.

You see, Disney Vacation Club membership doesn’t require members to pay a hefty annual fee. But it does require them to make a one-time investment that may be too pricey for some Disney fans.

Generally, club members must pay almost $200 per club point. Additionally, there are real estate closing costs to consider and a $100 to $200 annual fee.

As such, it’s not uncommon for the average person to spend about $45,000 on initial membership fees and points. Of course, there are ways of getting around these cumbersome prices.

Disney Vacation Club Membership Options

Unlike other special clubs and rewards systems, the Disney Vacation Club doesn’t offer basic, premium, or ultimate membership tiers. Instead, membership is based on a unique points system.

As such, we need to delve into this points system to explain how membership works. But, don’t worry. This system is relatively straightforward, even if it is a little unusual.

Disney Vacation Club Points System

Disney Vacation Club members must pay for points. In fact, the bulk of the cost associated with becoming a member comes from buying points.

The more points you have, the larger of a room or resort apartment you can stay in. Additionally, the more tickets you can purchase and people you can invite along.

The minimum number of points that each member must buy is 150. At almost $200 per point, that comes out to be a cool $30,000. And that’s just the lowest possible cost.

The maximum number of purchasable points is 325. As you might imagine, such a points bank would come in handy for large families or extended vacations. But it also doesn’t come cheap.

You may be able to reduce overall membership costs by buying DVC resale. In fact, some folks have managed to spend up to 50% less than the standard Disney price by opting for resale opportunities.

Disney Vacation Club Costs

Disney Vacation Club costs vary greatly depending on your preferred annual points and specific real estate agreement. Typically, larger properties and more points will cost more.

Couples and single Disney lovers could opt for the lowest-tier membership option, though more points mean more discounts and special deals. Still, there’s an initial cost of more than $25,000 either way.

Lowest-Tier Membership Option

Individuals or couples opting for the most affordable Disney Vacation Club membership can expect to spend about $30,000 in initial costs. After that, recurring costs top out at just about $100.

This option is the 150-point membership that includes flexible (but brief) access to a specific Walt Disney World Resorts or Disney Vacation Club Villas property. This membership is best-suited to couples with few vacation days.

Highest-Tier Membership Option

Larger families that prefer longer vacations will want to opt for the higher-point membership plans. Unfortunately, these can cost about $60,000 in initial fees. But you’ll get more than 300 points!

With this 325-point membership option, you’ll be able to select multi-bedroom accommodations to house every member of your family. You’ll also be able to ensure everyone gets to visit the park of their choosing.

Become a Disney Vacation Club Member Today

Have you been thinking about becoming a Disney Vacation Club member? Though it can be a pricey investment, it might be the right choice if you and your family visit Disney parks and locations multiple times a year. However, before deciding to become a DVC member or before purchasing a timeshare property make sure you know all the details and you can afford the maintenance fees so that in the future you will not wonder and ask Can I just stop paying my timeshare maintenance fees?.

The Disney Vacation Club gives individuals and families unique access to special events, ticket prices, and dining opportunities. Vacation Club members also enjoy discounts on most Disney shopping outlets.

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