What Do Russian Blue Cats Eat by Animalda.com?

Like different cat breeds, Russian blue cats are choosy in eating food. They are carnivorous, so they love to eat protein meals and show a craving for fish, chicken, fish and other types of seafood. If you own the Russian blue cat, they try to give homemade meals. Moreover, you can also feed the canned food to change its taste if you want to know the answer about what Russian blue cats eat by Animalda.com, there here we a detail so you can easily feed your pet. Before deciding on a meal for your little buddy, first understand their eating habits.

Meal Habits by Russian Blue Cats

Russian blue cats are somewhat sensitive cats, and they love to eat different flavours. Therefore, try to change the meal to enjoy having a meal. Try to give it a wet kitten food that is their favourite choice and tend to eat.  One reason due to which you should prefer giving et food is that these cats are susceptible to polycystic kidney disease. So, to avoid this prefer giving water and wet food to the cat. Now you got one answer for what Russian blue cats eat by Animalda.com.

Dry foods

Dry foods are another type of meal that can clear the answer to what Russian blue cats eat by Animalda.com. Although cats need wet food, dry food is also essential for their health.  You can give it raw food with caution to engulf it carefully. When you give it, raw food gives it water, too, so there is no issue in engulfing the raw meat. Try to clean the water bowl frequently; it can’t consume unhealthy or contaminated water. You can refer to buying a cat water fountain to help the promotion of the daily water intake of water.

Calories Required

The Russian blue cat loves to eat food, but its portions depend on the level of activity and type of food. It requires 240 to 300 calories per day. These have a smaller stomach, but energy requirements are high, so feed them more so that they grow quickly and stay healthy. But be careful as extra feeding may cause a problem like overweight and diabetes. For better nourishment, try to make a schedule and feed the Russian blue cat accordingly. If your cat keeps one eating properly, then it is healthy; if she skips its meal or does not show interest in food, it means there is some health issue.

Type Of Food Russian Cat Eat

If you want to know what do Russian cats eat by animalda.com, then try to give your pets a meat-rich low carbohydrate and grain-free meals. These provide nutrients and moisture. Thus, healthy foods are best to keep them healthy and offer complete nourishment to the cats. You can also give canned food items to Russian cats. They are ideal for keeping them healthy. But, be aware of food allergies. Russian white cats are suspected to an allergy to corn, soy, dairy products and gluten. So, avoid giving such products to animals that are harmful to the pet’s health.


If you are wandering for the answer to the question, what do Russian blue cats animalda.com then you should prefer wet food along with some raw meat. Try to give it a lot of water and avoid giving food items that are not for the health of the Russian blue cat. In case if you find any health issues, take them to the veterinary doctor so your cat stays healthy.

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