What Are The Effects of Rahu Mahadasha and Remedies To Overcome?

Rahu, a shadow planet with no lower body, is defamed for its malefic nature. It defines limitless hunger, boundless desires. As windy as it goes, when in a good position in the horoscope, Rahu gives all the materialistic comfort, powerful position, success, wealth, and strength. However, when Rahu is ill-placed in the horoscope it makes the person naive and prone to nazar evil eye. It brings chaos and haze. An ill-placed Rahu is also the cause of several mental illnesses, financial losses, sudden losses, and discourtesy.

A home under the malefic effect of Rahu will never have a peaceful environment. And sometimes, even the most powerful Vastu yantra for home fails to work against Rahu’s energy. On the other hand, a person with an ill-placed Rahu in Kundali will always lack concentration in life. They will not be able to make good decisions and do things up to the mark. Such natives will have a hazy mind, emotional turmoil, bitter relationships, and obstacles in their careers. Additionally, they will have health issues like a nervous breakdown, intestinal disorders, gastric issues, and ulcer.

A person or family can adopt a few remedies to please Rahu.

The Best Remedies To Please Rahu –

  • For a bitter mood and lack of concentration, toe a piece of White Sandalwood in a blue thread and put it on. It helps in attracting Rahu’s positive energy.
  • Donate coconuts (preferably 4) on the day of Amavasya in a temple. Additionally, donate coconuts.
  • Chant Rahu Mantra every day.
  • Use sandalwood oil in your bathing water.
  • Buy some fish and set them free in rivers or ponds or oceans.
  • Perform donations and charity. Additionally, whenever you offer water to someone, make sure you give them an entire glass full of water.
  • Avoid eating left-over food. Also, do not eat food very late at night.
  • Quit alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes.
  • Worship Lord Shiva. Also, observe fast on Monday.
  • Apply the paste of white sandalwood on your forehead.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.
  • Donate food to dogs.
  • Donate barley and Sesame seeds to the poor and needy.
  • Always keep a Silver Coin in your purse/wallet.
  • Bathe in the holy Ganga water.
  • Wear a ring of Iron.
  • Pay respect to blind people and help them in every way possible.
  • Donate oil, grains, warm blankets to the needy and poor.
  • Buy rudraksha online of mukhi quantity recommended by a learned astrologer.

Remedies To Remove Ill-effect Of Rahu From Home

  • Do not use your name on the nameplate in front of your house. Instead, use the name of your ancestors.
  • Pay your respect to Pitra (Ancestors) during worship every day. On several occasions like Pitra Paksha, it would be beneficial to offer donations on their behalf. It is one of the best ways to avert the harmful effects of Rahu from home.
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  • Take some Mishri (thread crystals), black lentils, a Gomed (Hessonite) gemstone, and silver and wrap them in a white piece of cloth. Further, either hang it or bury it in front of the entrance of your home.
  • Use the East side of your house more. For sitting, meetings, parties, getting together, and eating. Additionally, put a few flower pots.
  • Feed the birds and free them after purchasing.
  • Keep peacock feathers in your house. It helps to reduce the harmful effects of Rahu.Click here movierulz

These were some simple remedies that will help you get rid of the negative effects of Rahu. Along with this, the effects of Rahu differ from one person to another according to the degree and placement in the horoscope. Thus, to learn in detail about the effect and remedies for Rahu, it is best to connect with an expert astrologer online.

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