The number of different ways physical injuries might arise when carelessness is almost limitless when there is negligence.

Unfortunately, when individuals fail to exercise reasonable caution, their acts — and lack of actions — may have severe consequences for other people due to their negligence.

When a client is wounded in a vehicle accident of any type, a car accident attorney in Stockton understands that their lives are turned completely upside down.

Victims of disasters should not be forced to shoulder the financial burden on medical bills, missed earnings, and other expenditures by themselves. As a result, help is readily available.


As a result of the unexpected and unpredictability of specific personal injuries, including internal bleeding & organ damage, some patients need long-term or even lifetime medical attention.

The following factors most often cause personal injury cases in San Jose County:

  • Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles That Occur Without The Driver’s Consent

The number of vehicle accidents recorded in the U.s each year is estimated to be six million. It is estimated that over three million individuals have been wounded in these crashes, with 2 million of those persons suffering long-term repercussions.

  • motorcycle-related Fatalities And Injuries

Even though the state has more than 840,000 motorbikes on the road, over 90,000 motorcycle crashes happen each year.

According to the Federal Accounting Office, motorcycle crashes cost the United States an average of $16 billion per year in medical expenses and lost productivity.

  • Unintentional Pedestrian Injury/Death

When a pedestrian is struck by a 2 passenger car or SUV, the result is often severe physical damage owing to the lack of protection provided by the vehicle.

There were around 6,300 pedestrian fatalities in the U.s last year. According to the most recent available data, this is one fatality every 88 minutes.

  • Accidents In The Commercial Trucking Industry

An estimated 10,000 people are injured and hundreds of people die every year in incidents caused by semi-trucks on the nation’s highways and byways, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

When drivers are distracted, driving too fast, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, everyone else on the roadway is in danger. If these drivers were behind the wheel of a huge truck trying to weigh 80,000 pounds, they may get devastating injuries and need lifelong medical care.

  • Mishaps That Occur In The Workplace

As far as premises liability is concerned, liability-related injuries such as dog attacks or slip and fall incidents may occur everywhere, from the residences of loved ones to commercial establishments and public places.

Abusers who mistreat their animals have a huge influence on their pets’ behavior and are held accountable for the damage they do. The owner’s dog may attack a guest or guest who has been permitted into their property if a gate or entrance is carelessly left open. This may result in severe injuries and infections if the dog is left on its way.

For failing to give a reasonable effort to maintain a traveler environment, such as negligent as well as inadequate security precautions and an absence of appropriate premises maintenance, legal action could be taken against a landowner, if they are individuals who live on the premises themself, business operators, or government organizations.


If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by the carelessness of another individual or persons, contact a law firm right away to book a free consultation with one of Stockton, California, personal injury attorneys to explore the specifics of your situation. You are under no obligation to pursue legal action against the irresponsible party or its insurance company on your initiative. If you’ve been involved in an accident, their knowledgeable lawyers will fight for you to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for.

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