wat voor soort walvis zwom voor de haagse kust afgelopen winter?

Swimming along the Hague coast this winter, a curious whale was spotted by local residents. This type of whale is rarely seen in the area and its appearance sparked a lot of interest from the public. In this article, we will explore the type of whale that was seen and why it was so special.

Local Whale Sightings

The whale was spotted in late November, near the Hague coast. It was a very large whale and its size quickly drew attention from the locals. The whale was seen swimming slowly along the coast and eventually moved further away from the shore.

Winter Swimming Off the Hague Coast

The whale was identified as a humpback whale, which is a species of baleen whale that is found in the North Atlantic Ocean. Humpback whales are usually not seen in the North Sea, so the sighting was considered to be quite rare. Humpback whales migrate to warmer waters during the winter months, so it is likely that the whale was just passing through the area.

The whale was seen swimming alone and there were no other sightings of whales in the area. This suggests that the whale was just passing through. Humpback whales are typically solitary animals and it is not unusual for them to travel alone.

The sighting of a humpback whale off the Hague coast was an exciting event for local residents. Although this type of whale is not usually seen in the North Sea, it is not unheard of. In the future, it is possible that more humpback whales will be seen in the area as they migrate to warmer waters.

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