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As a mother watching my son sink Pokemon completely, I can’t help but think about the story myself and what kind of world Pokemon can live in. I’m a big Avatar fan but in a sense, I’m disappointed in this film, as well as the fact that most of the alien creatures were similar to the creatures found on Earth.

Of course, Pokemon creatures already draw a lot of their features from animals on Earth and from some myths. But as far as the story goes – in the case of the trainer and the Pokemon toys relationship – that’s almost it. The real distinguishing feature of Pokemon is its ability to fight on the field – what kind of special abilities it acquires and how effective it is against particular opponents.

For all the genetics and science fiction surrounding Pokemon, therefore, the real root of the phenomenon goes back to the excitement of animals and deadly creatures against wage bets on them. Of course, I don’t mean to imply that kids are gambling with Pokemon, I’m just saying that it’s the kind of thrill that keeps Pokemon’s interest and excitement high. While a Pokemon may be externally attractive (and of course have a merchandising value), Pokemon’s aficionados are primarily interested in the type of Pokemon and what it can do; What power it has, and how powerful or effective Pokemon war against opponents is, is not really a coherent story, even though it is marketed as such.

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This is probably the only area where Pokemon has failed (although one would seriously hesitate to look at Pokemon cards for sale and see any ‘failures’). Spin-offs certainly include well-known animated series and movies, not to mention ‘manga’ or comics, as they are more commonly known. Both media have done well around the world, but only among kids. These animated stories simply don’t have enough stories or enough reality to capture an adult’s imagination. These are shallow and simple, and I guess the reason kids are attracted to them is because of their attraction to mythology.

In short, Pokemon have a distinct tie and resemblance to the natural world of our plants and animals, but as far as it goes. There is no complication in the world of Pokemon, just a kind of masculine mix – in classic Japanese fashion – with a strong element of authenticity and cuddling.

If you don’t have some good sleeves, dice, or a poison/burn counter, get it. This will increase your collection and help you prepare to play in the tournament. Basically, they are great things if you need dice or sleeves. If you don’t, it’s cheaper to buy a vivid voltage booster box at the price of each pack.

This is seen in the very lucrative waves of Pokemon products sold with each new version. Now we are in the era of Pokemon Black and White and anything under that label is selling like hotcakes. Notably, stuffed toys (Pokemon plush toys), Pokedolls and Pokemon cards for card games, especially for boys, are especially popular for all ages. While black and white cards are becoming more common now, they still have them.

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