Types of home door

“Door” is an important part of the area, whether Residential homes, workplaces, or buildings and is considered one of the elements that allow us to enter and exit from one area to another Therefore, when we are building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน , door and window work is considered the last part of building a house. It can be said whether the house looks beautiful or not, the door plays a very important role.

The door is the part that will take us to different parts. whether inside outside of the house Therefore, the selection of doors is important. Because there are many types that can be chosen to match the job site. Therefore, we should focus on And learn about the different types of doors, each of which has its own distinctive features depending on its use. In particular, choosing a door to match the house we live in is necessary. because if you choose wrong There may be a problem with the use of interruptions. This makes the service life shorter as well.

Wooden doors are special and different from ordinary doors. Because it is made from real wood or a substitute for real wood. This will give the dimension of the surface that is uniquely patterned of wood. The color of the wood gives a feeling of beauty, warmth, comfort and a natural aura. It also provides durability and strength. and has a long service life. Gate Door Window is one of Singapore’s best door manufacturers, offering a catalog of doors at unbeatable prices.

Types of wooden doors for building construction รับสร้างบ้าน classified by material And the main components used to produce wooden doors (Wooden Doors) can be divided into 6 types as follows:

  1. Real wood materials that are commonly used to make door panels are as follows:

Teak wood, Teng wood, Red wood, Makha wood, Takhian wood, Champa wood and Pradu wood.

  1. Material of plywood or MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board)
  2. Material of wood HDF (High Density Fiber) or hardboard
  3. Mixed material or Engineer wood
  4. Material of artificial wood or synthetic wood
  5. WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) material
  6. Wooden Door

Made from wood that has been treated with a treatment process. and dried to increase efficiency in preventing termites, insects and reducing moisture in the wood The real wood that is commonly used to make door panels are as follows.

– Teak is a softwood. There are beautiful filigree patterns formed by the number of years. and age of wood There is a special feature is that it contains natural oils that termites don’t like.

– Teng wood has a brown needle color. the wood is hard Most of them are traditionally made. But it is popular to make a door for the house that is used outside. It is resistant to sunlight and rain well.

– Redwood has a dark brown color. until I can’t see much wood grain It is strong and firm. Popularly used to make a frame But nowadays it is popular to be used as a door to the outside of the house, resistant to sunlight and rain well.

– Makha wood is a wood that has a yellowish orange color. with beautiful wood grain very strong But nowadays Makha wood is more rare. thus making it more expensive as well.

– Takhian wood is another type of hardwood with a pattern similar to teak. But it will be more durable than teak. golden yellow In the past, it was used to build ships. Nowadays, it is more popular to be made into a door leaf.

– Champa wood, light brown wood, fine texture, strong and durable.

– Padauk wood The wood is dark reddish brown. give a beautiful pattern have strong durability

8. Plywood or MDF door (Medium Density Fiber Board : MDF Door)

It is a natural wood. Through the production process with the combination of many types of wood. The appearance of the door is a wooden structure inside. then covered with plywood Because the raw materials are easy to find, lightweight, and beautiful colors and patterns of wood. And there are many styles to choose from.

9. HDF Wooden Door (High Density Fiber : HDF Door)

It is a high quality fiberboard door. It is similar to MDF, but is stronger. because it uses a higher compressive strength and does not require any binding material. but using resin added instead good moisture resistance It is very popular these days.

10. Engineer Door

It is a combination of real wood and finished wood. The real wood is used to make the structure of the door. then covered with plywood sheets The end face is closed with veneer or other covering material again.

11. Artificial wooden door or synthetic wood (Wood Composite Door)

Currently, there are two types that are commonly used:

– Artificial wood made from fiber cement with a mixture of cement and various fibers which is highly flexible

– Artificial wood made from a polymer like vinyl mixed with real wood powder.

Both types of artificial wood or synthetic wood have a color and texture that are very similar to real wood. It is durable and strong in use. Weather resistant, waterproof, easy to maintain. There are no problems with termites or pests. There are many forms. Easy to decorate in different ways

12. Wood-Plastic Composite : WPC Door

It is made from scrap wood and plastic powder such as PVC through a single extrusion process. Makes the door strong, durable, waterproof, resistant to moisture well. mold resistant and insects that are enemies of wood Long-lasting environmental resistance can be produced into various shapes without causing any residual

Precautions for using wooden doors

– Some types of real wood doors, such as Tabak wood, hardwood, Teng wood, tend to swell, twist, bend, and bend when the weather changes. It is also suitable for internal installation only because if it is installed outside, it may Provides a short service life of only 3-5 years.

– Plywood or MDF doors have a short lifespan. less durability It is not resistant to humidity and sunlight and is not suitable for outdoor use.

– HDF wooden doors, the use of which is suitable for interior spaces. Can not be directly exposed to the sun and rain

– Engineer wood doors should be careful about eating termites. Not very resistant to humidity and heat.

– Artificial wood or synthetic wood doors are of relatively small sizes and lengths to choose from.

– WPC plastic wood doors, if used outdoors, the color will fade quickly.