Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Launched in 2017, Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program has attracted many foreign investors to get Turkish citizenship. The program provides access to the markets of Europe and Asia. It has also helped Turkey to develop its real estate sector.

You can choose one of the qualifying investment types, and get Turkish citizenship without extra requirements.

Let’s get into the details about the Turkey Citizenship by Investment program.

How To Become Eligible for the Program

As the main applicant, you:

  • Need to be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have never stayed in Turkey in an illegal wayread more : globepredict

Necessary Documents To Be Eligible for the Program

You need to prepare the following documents while applying for the program:

  • Birth certificates: Each applicant’s birth certificates are necessary
  • Passports: Each applicant’s passports are necessary
  • Each applicant’s colored and biometric passport photos
  • Proof of Residence: A recent utility bill can work
  • Proof of clean criminal record: Compulsory for all applicants
  • Turkish tax ID number
  • Proof of investment: An amount of $250,000 into a Turkish bank account or lawyer’s client account
  • Proof of health insurance: It must be valid in Turkey
  • The following two are optional:
    • Marriage certificate
    • Death or divorce certificate of spouse

What Are the Advantages of Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program?

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program offers several benefits ranging from family reunification to visa-free travel to certain countries.

Find out more benefits about the program below.

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Advantage of Living, Working, and Studying in Turkey With Your Family

You can bring your spouse and dependent children under 21 years of age. In addition, your dependent parents can also apply with you.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program allows you to live, work and study in Turkey. In addition, you can benefit from free healthcare services like a local Turkish citizen. Your children can also benefit from the education system in Turkey.

A Very Fast Way To Get Citizenship

The program provides you with Turkish citizenship within less than two months following your application. This means that you’ll make your investment and submit your application. Then, you’ll obtain your Turkish passport very soon.

No Requirement for Proof of Residency or Language

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program does not require a language test to get Turkish citizenship. Also, you don’t need to fulfill a certain stay requirement to maintain your citizenship rights.

Visa-Free Travel to Certain Destinations

A Turkish passport allows access to 111 countries throughout the world. Some of these countries include Singapore, Japan, Brazil, Bahrain, and Belarus. Note that some of them offer complete visa-free travel. Some, on the other hand, grant visas on arrival. They can also offer visa-free travel for a certain duration.

E-2 Investor Visa in the US

Application for the E-2 Investor Visa is possible when you get Turkish citizenship. This visa allows you to relocate to the US. Turkey and the US have signed a treaty for E-1 and E-2 Visa.

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Relocation to the UK is Another Advantage

The Business Person Visa allows citizens of Turkey to move to the UK. This can lead to British citizenship as well.

Turkey Allows Dual Citizenship

Both dual and multiple citizenships are possible when you apply for this program. So, Turkey does not require you to renounce your former citizenship. In this way, you can still live and work in your native country.

However, it’s advisable to check if your country of origin allows Turkish citizenship as well.

What are the Investment Requirements To Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

You have three options to choose from while applying for Turkey Citizenship by Investment.

Real Estate Investment

This option entails an investment of $250,000 in real estate in Turkey. You can choose any type of property while investing. You can even buy land.

It’s also possible to buy more than one property as long as the total sum is at least $250,000. In this case, they need to be located in the same neighborhood.

Once you purchase the property, you need to get it registered on the same day. Also, you need to retain it for at least three years.

Creation of Jobs

This option entails job creation for at least 50 Turkish citizens. This means the establishment of a company and the employment of local people. It’s advisable to get legal assistance when you choose this option.

Capital Transfer

This is the last option in this list to obtain Turkish citizenship. The minimum required amount for this option is an investment of $500,000.

You can make your investment:

  • In a Turkish bank, by depositing
  • As a contribution to government bonds
  • In fund shares.

You need to retain the investment for three years.