Traders Union Experts Named The Best Binary Trading Apps In India

Binary options have recently grown extremely popular among Indian traders, and that’s not a surprise: they are simple to understand and can be very profitable if traded rationally. If you want to trade them, you should find a reliable broker with low fees and convenient trading conditions. However, few major brokers allow binary trading, so it might be pretty difficult to find a suitable platform. To help you out, a Traders Union trading expert is going to tell you about the best Indian brokers for binary trading.


IQcent is an international brokerage company that offers its clients a broad choice of CFDs and binary options with different underlying asset types, including stocks, Forex pairs, and cryptocurrencies. This broker is very popular among novice Indian traders since it features many different bonuses, a variety of demo accounts, and low deposit threshold: you need just $20 to start trading with IQcent.

The broker allows you to trade through the company’s WebTrader, but there is also an option to use a convenient mobile app. The leverage reaches 500:1, and you can trade options 24/7 to maximize your overall profits. However, the educational materials are somewhat scarce here.


Founded in 2016, VideForex has managed to become one of the best binary trading apps in India. It’s a reputable broker that allows you to trade binary options and leveraged CFDs on numerous currency pairs, some major cryptocurrencies, and commodities. The maximum leverage is 500:1, and you need at least $50 to start trading.

The broker allows you to use demo accounts for practice and several real accounts with different fees, bonuses, and conditions. VideForex also has social trading features that can be used for making your deposit work for you passively. But there are almost no training materials apart from a brief FAQ.


RaceOption is a reliable international broker that offers a wide variety of tradable assets. The broker is especially popular among novice traders: the minimum deposit is just $10, and there are ways to earn some passive income. The maximum leverage is 500:1, but that’s more than enough for beginners, so you can use it to improve your binary trading skills.

According to Traders Union surveys, RaceOption is especially well-liked for its bonuses: you can earn up to 100% of your first deposit after completing the registration process.

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