Top Three Features Why You Need WordPress Plugin For Business Growth

Are you looking for the appropriate and most suitable wordpress plugins that will literally take your business to the next level? There are overall 58000+ wordpress plugins available for your site which really makes it overwhelming for the new site owners. But here you might also be confused about which wordpress plugin is perfectly suitable for you.

So, here we are going to recommend the top three features that will elaborate why you need WordPress Plugin for business growth. Let’s have a quick look:

Wordfence Security:

As per some reliable published resources, there are approximately 75% of well-known wordpress websites that are exposed to security attacks. Now if you are owning a wordpress site and literally don’t want to meet with unnecessary security threats and moreover really wish to reduce potential troubles then here you are absolutely required to install the security plugin for your wordpress site named as Wordfence Security.

This wordfence security plugin is purposely designed to keep your wordpress site safe and secure from cyber threats. With this, your wordpress website becomes capable enough of defending itself from malicious threats as it certainly acts as a firewall in front of all kinds of cyber hacking attacks. It completely examines the other website plugins, core files, malwares, website themes for bad URLs, backdoors, SERPs spam, malicious redirects and code injections as well.

Not only this, along with providing a security firewall, this wordfence security plugin also enables a security login system and malware scanning feature as well so that suspicious external attempts can be blocked before an attack. Here by adding this wordfence security plugin to your wordpress site, you are absolutely going to receive alerts every time if there will be any sign of unusual activity in terms of your website security.

With Wordfence Security plugin, you are going to receive the following features in real-time so that your website can be protected:

  • The first significant benefit of having this wordfence security plugin is that you will be provided with complete protection if your password has been leaked.
  • Then there will be an advanced manual blocking system which will be helpful in blocking the suspicious external attempts even before any security happens.
  • An additional country blocking system will also be provided along with.
  • This wordfence security plugin will also be helpful in repairing your wordpress website internal files.
  • And there will be a two-factor authentication login system that will make your wordpress website platform absolutely secure.

Here let your users know about your wordpress website’s security via WordPress Push Notifications so that they can be more confident in engaging with your webpages.WooCommerce:

Woocommerce is a well known WordPress e-commerce plugin where you can easily sell anything, seamlessly. As you might be trying to add a plethora of extensions along with numerous customization features to make your website look good. So, by adding all these additional features and extensions as well , it makes your website performance complicated. Here to solve this, you literally need an advanced plugin and what can be better than adding woocommerce to your wordpress site for making your sales simpler than ever before.

This wordpress plugin provides you with the abundance of themes, ability to sell online, various unrestricted customization options and countless conversion optimization tools as well. Here when we talk about the wordpress plugin, then this powerful plugin literally stands unique as well as exclusive in the wordpress plugins list in regard to its usability. So, if you choose woocommerce plugin,  then here you are going to receive the following features:

  • With the woocommerce plugin, you can sell anything, anywhere digitally.
  • Not only selling, but you can also ship your sold goods wherever it is required.
  • This woocommerce plugin is going to make your selling platform powerful enough by adding extensive payment options on it.
  • Further, you can easily add embed products, checkout options & more features on any page.
  • Woocommerce also allows you to add product reviews and ratings options on your wordpress webpage.
  • With woocommerce plugin, you can easily perform product filtering and sorting activities.
  • Not only this, but you can also easily add unlimited product images and galleries as well.

Apart from this, you can also significantly activate the Woocommerce Push Notifications for your website so that your users can receive the latest product updates from your side.

WP Rocket:

If your website pages are taking extra loading time then here you certainly need an additional website plugin and when it’s the matter of ideal page loading speed then no one can match WP Rocket. It is a WordPress Premium caching plugin where you can easily speed up the loading page time of your website by adding this to your website.

This WP Rocket plugin will simply archive the dynamically created web pages of your website along with the cached cookies that will eventually reduce the workload of your server along with reducing the weight of CSS files, HTML, JavaScript via minification. Moreover this WP Rocket plugin is going to control your web pages in an exceptional way where images will only be loaded when visitors scroll down the page and this type of advanced technology is already used by YouTube, Yahoo and Facebook as well.

With the WP Rocket feature, you are going to enjoy the following features:

  • This plugin will enhance your website’s user-end browser caching.
  • It will fasten the lazy loading by boosting loading time of your webpages.
  • It will simply integrate the caching solution with CDN (Content Delivery Network) to improve website performance.
  • With this, you can set up a highly advanced system where images will only be loaded on request.
  • This plugin is absolutely compatible with CloudFlare.
  • And this perfectly supports WordPress Multisite.


Here we have provided you with the three most appropriate as well as advanced wordpress plugins that will make your website secure, your sale easy and page loading time smooth. All these plugins are quite easy to add to your website and moreover capable enough of enhancing your wordpress website’s performance for your business growth.

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