Top Modern Bathroom fittings ideas

While designing a bathroom of your dream, fitting ideas might feel very hard to select and look at. If you are feeling stuck with your bathroom design, then don’t worry, we have compiled a list of modern bathroom fittings ideas that will hopefully help you out and provide you with the best design out of your pocket. Check the best modern fitting ideas which are listed below : 

  1. Utilise light colours to make the space feel more airy and open. Bright light may cause irritation to the eyes and surely no one wants to be irritated while being in the bathroom. Keep the lighting natural for a bright and healthy glow. Incandescent bulbs are best if possible as they cast warmer light than LEDs or fluorescent lights. 
  2. Fit with a large mirror for plenty of natural light reflection on shiny surfaces like tile or marble baths that can create an optically attractive look in your bathroom design.
  3. Opt for an open shower rather than a closed one. This helps to create a more spacious feel. You can check the product which matches your imagination. There are various shower manufacturers in India which contain a variety of ranges of products.
  4. Create an attraction by hanging a beautiful piece of art or mirror above the bathtub.
  5. Install glass shower screens or doors to make them look more sleek, but don’t forget to install the appropriate water resistant material for added safety and convenience.
  6. If you want to add some fun in your design, consider installing glass shelves and cabinets that are waterproofed. They look pretty and can be still used even if your children use the bathroom along with you.
  7. You can opt for wood flooring to replace the tiles if you want an interesting contrast and warm look in your bathroom design.
  8. If you have a larger space consider fitting in a luxurious bathtub, it will surely be a hit with your kids and add that sparkle to the room.
  9. You could also install dark colored cabinets and furniture to make the space appear airier, bright colours like white or red are best used for kitchen and dining areas.
  10. Consider using tiles of different shades of the same colour so that they create an intriguing accent point.
  11. Use a plain colour for the floor and darker colours on walls, fittings and furniture for more impact.
  12. For a modern look try using a white colour for walls and fittings, dark shades on shelves and cabinets, mirrored tiles as accent points, large mirrors hung on the wall to create an illusion of larger space in your bathroom design.
  13. If you have an open space that is not being used you can optionally fit some hanging lights since they are designed to lighten up the room.
  14. If you want to make your space look bigger then get some white tiles in your bathrooms or commercial kitchen floors if they are well lit with natural light or fitted with glass flooring to create an illusion of larger space.
  15. Avoid using boring taps from the past, istead search for the modern faucet which will give a modern look to the bathroom. There are various Faucet manufacturers in India which will help you to get most modern faucet designs.

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