Top 5 Classroom Apps That Are Fun and Engaging

Many classrooms have fun classroom apps that help foster creativity and fun in students click here now for a great app. These apps should be a staple of any teacher’s toolbox. They are a great way to reward good behaviour while teaching important lessons. After all, kids want to have fun while learning! So, keep a few of these in your toolbox and reward good behaviour with fun rewards.

Funbrain’s games

Funbrain is a website with a range of games that are designed to teach children foundational maths and reading skills. The games are organised according to grade level and skill level. However, there are some limitations. Searching for a game is difficult. Games should have tags and guidelines, so that children can choose their appropriate level and difficulty.

Endless Alphabet

The Endless Alphabet app is an educational app that is entertaining for children. It offers a variety of learning opportunities, including animations that help kids understand the meaning of the words. It also offers practice in writing the alphabet.


Splingo is an educational game that allows children to learn through play. There are various levels that involve different tasks. Some are simple, like recognising words, and others require more advanced language instruction. It is suitable for children between 18 months and two years old.


If you’re looking for an app that is fun and encourages you to make good habits, Habitica is a good choice. It’s free and less professional than most productivity apps, but its quirky charm makes it stand out. This app uses a variety of methods to promote new habits, including positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and random reinforcement. You can reward yourself for making good habits, and even form a party with friends.


Kahoot is an interactive game designed to increase student engagement and knowledge retention. It is a perfect tool for classrooms, game nights, and professional development. It has hundreds of pre-made templates, and teachers can even customise their own games for students. There are many ways to use Kahoot, and it is easy to understand why it has become a top choice for educators.

Splingo Jr.

Splingo Jr. is a fun, educational game for kids that can help them develop language and listening skills. It features an alien who asks your child to help him build a spaceship and complete tasks to get home. As your child listens, he’ll be rewarded with hilarious animated responses to his questions. You can also teach your children about sequencing, grammar, and other aspects of language with Splingo Jr.