The laptop market is one of the best dynamic high-tech markets in the world. Only smartphones can compare to laptops: a new model of laptop is released every week. With so many laptops on the market, you may be confused about which one to buy. We know very well that most users do not have time for this. Therefore, we have published a list of which laptop will be right for you.

ASUS VivoBook 14:

Asus VivoBook 14 will be able to do the job perfectly without hitting your wallet too hard. There are not many changes in the model. These vary depending on the drive installed, the amount of memory, the pre-installed operating system, and so on. The processor of this laptop is Intel Core i5 8265U, which has four cores and eight threads. It has Intel UHD Graphics 620. This hardware is enough for easy office work and home use.

Dell G5 3590 :

The Dell G5 3590 laptop is a well-balanced solution that is great for gaming. The first reason is, of course, the video card. The GeForce GTX 1660 is installed here, surpassing the previous popular GTX 1060 solution on portable devices by an average of 30%. And it is provided that the cost is almost the same for both component devices. 6 GB of video memory and a modern chip will allow you to play absolutely any game.

Acer Aspire 3 :

it is the best models on the market is the Acer Aspire 3 A315-42-R1MX modification. The A315 line is a different model in the budget department. If you don’t want to pay extra for a feature, you can choose the alternative gadget with a slightly better or more modest feature from the same series. In our opinion, the A315-42-R1MX variant is the most balanced in terms of price/quality.

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