Tips On Choosing Paper Bag’s Material, Weight, Printing, And Stamping

There is a steady growth in the face value index of cosmetic companies as the beauty sector continues to grow. What if it can enhance the look of cosmetics in a significant way? You may be able to get around this issue by customizing your cosmetics bag. Custom cosmetic paper bags guide explains how to choose material, weight, printing, and stamping for cosmetic bags.

Handle-Guided Cosmetic Paper Bags

Cosmetic packaging is not only constantly updated and created in an avant-garde manner, but it also has more stringent processing technological requirements. A solid cosmetic bag must be free of any chemical or biological interaction with its contents; second, it must be easy to use and durable; and third, it must have a strong sales function. As a result, a wide range of items are marketed as both effective and fashionable. Perfume items, in particular, have a tendency to entice customers with their unusual perfume bottles in the form of cosmetic bags. It’s for this reason that all prominent perfume firms will be requested to develop the popular brands in other nations so they can assure that the goods will have a big impact on the market and maintain their reputation as a household name.

Generally, the color of cosmetic box packaging is defined by the product’s sales object, and this positioning is becoming more and more fine-grained. Women’s products tend to be dominated by warm, soft, noble, and graceful hues. In addition to being popular with women, these colors also represent the exquisite nature of women’s goods. Of course, some cosmetics go against the grain and utilize bold colors as a point of contrast.

The Cosmetic Paper Bag’s General Composition and Gram Weight

Paper made of kraft (including white Kraft paper and natural color Kraft paper) 100g, 120g, 150g, 180g, 200g, 250g, etc. are the typical Kraft paper weights.

Copper paper is available in 157G, 200G, and 250G weights.

220 grams of white card stock.

When it comes to printing cosmetic bags, what should businesses keep in mind?

All factors must be taken into account in this still-difficult procedure. The design is the initial consideration. It’s common for individuals to be drawn to a nice cosmetic bag. In order for the company’s cosmetic bag printing to have a high re-use rate, it must have a beautiful design that clients will adore when they get the little cosmetic handbag.

Secondly, while producing portable cosmetic paper bags, offset printing is the most common process. Screen printing is the most common method of printing on plastic bags, and the process isn’t difficult to learn. Processing technology is the third component. A plastic cosmetic bag printing process is very straightforward, but a paper bag printing process requires features such as paste molding, threading, and drilling in order to be completed.

The handle of the cosmetic bag must be easy for clients, since the bag itself is naturally “bag” shaped.. There should be a difference between the packaging of high-end and low-end items. Lifting a stone and slamming your foot might be the ultimate result. Cosmetic bags may have a negative influence on the company’s brand and image if they’re not utilized or have troubles when they’re used for the first time.

Hot Stamping on a Portable Cosmetic Paper Bag

It is also called “hot stamping” when done on cosmetic hand-held paper bags. A printing procedure that adds ornamentation. Press gold words or patterns into the printed matter by heating the metal plate and applying foil.

A post-treatment for cloth style known as “silver ironing” There is a lot of overlap between the bronzing technique and this one, but the materials used are different. One has a golden shine, while the other has a silver luster, based on appearance.

Among the advantages of gold and silver stamping are its clear and elegant patterns, vivid hues, and resilience to wear and weathering. More than 85% of the printed cigarette label’s bronzing process is applied. For trademarks and registered names, bronzing may provide the final touch and accentuate the design concept.

The Handle of a Cosmetic Bag may be fixed in a variety of ways.

Cosmetic bag manufacture is more time-consuming than other operations. The portable rope is the last step in the production of the cosmetic portable paper bags. Next, I’ll show you how to attach the rope to the cosmetic bag in a few different ways.

A combination of piercing and knotting

After perforation, cloth portable ropes like cotton rope and hemp rope are tied. To guarantee that the lifting rope does not move and compromise the finished product’s quality, the producer must use thick and strong knots to secure it in the buttonhole. The rope holes will be strengthened with metal buttonholes. The burr at the rope hole is now disguised by the addition of metal corns, making the details much more beautiful.

Aircraft spooling cinch the rope

It’s common for three and multi-strand ropes to employ aviation buckle rope. Using an aviation buckle eliminates the need to manually tie the knots on both sides. However, it is also one of the most often used techniques.

Paste made with glue

The top of some bags is folded over and bonded to the top of the cosmetic paper bag. As a result, the handle of the cosmetic bag will be concealed inside the fold of the package. The cosmetic bag’s load-bearing ability is much lower than that of knotting and buckling rope with aircraft.

Nailing a nail into another

The load-bearing capacity and tension of the whole cosmetic paper bag are increased when the paper rope is nailed to the bag body using collision nails. An exquisite and trendy metallic sheen is created by the bumping nails on the makeup bag.


Another, more esoteric method exists. To keep it from spreading, the portable rope has a rope wrapped in metal sheets that is threaded through eight bag holes in succession. This kind of portable rope is one of a kind and elegant, but it is seldom seen since it is inconvenient for carrying about personal care things in a cosmetic bag.

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