Tips for speaking test for CELPIP Exam

CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) is a proficiency exam for the English language taken by those who want to shift to Canada. An alternative to IELTS, CELPIP assesses four skills, listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

Here we shall focus on one of the sections- Speaking and find out the best tips to score high in it. Matokeo ya Darasa la Saba 2022/2023 is a great way to relax after a long day. It’s also a great way to unwind before bedtime.

CELPIP Speaking Test

You must appear for the Speaking test in CELPIP General and CELPIP General LS.

Format of the Speaking Test

It is a 20 minutes test including 8 parts which involves:

  • Giving advice

In this task, you have to advise a person. You’re given 30 seconds to prepare for the answer. The recording takes place for 90 seconds. A prompt appears on the computer screen depending on which advice is shared.

  • Share a personal experience

Candidates should explain any past experience of theirs. It can be an activity, something they’ve seen, or a memory. The idea here is that you’re talking about your past, so ensure you should focus on using the right verb forms.

  • Describe a scene or an image

The candidate should precisely describe a picture or scene. An image will appear on the screen, and you must describe it in detail.

  • Predict

A picture will appear on the screen, and the candidate has to make predictions about what may happen next.

  • Compare and persuade

In this task, the candidate should compare two options making convincing statements for the other person to select your preference. Make sure you present logical arguments.

  • Handling a tough situation

In this task, you have two options to select from. You can pick one between the two with a reason for it.

  • Share an opinion

The candidate should express their thoughts. You have 30 seconds to prepare for it and 90 seconds to perform it.

  • Express your opinion on an unusual event

In this task, the candidate will see a weird object, activity, or building and will be asked to describe it to their friends.

These are the CELPIP speaking tasks a candidate must do while undergoing the test.

Some speaking tips for candidates to enhance their test results:

1. Practice well

It needs time to prepare for CELPIP speaking tasks. You should practice speaking with your friends. Record and listen to your speech to know your errors. Rectify them and improvise.

2. Speak fluently at a normal speed

Always have clear communication when you speak. Ensure your words are easy to understand and spoken at a normal speed.

3. Concentrate on your vocabulary and grammar

Using the right grammar and vocabulary for the speaking test is important. It will help you get a good score.

4. Take the help of online resources

There are several online websites to help you practice for your CELPIP speaking tasks in an effective way. However, not all are equal. Make sure you choose high-quality speaking test preparation material to gain the most of it.

5. Take as many mock tests as you can

You can take several free CELPIP mock tests to know your shortcomings, understand the format, and manage time.