Tips for killing time while waiting for a flight

That’s it, you’ve made it to the airport. You’re only hours away from your holiday break or your next business trip. Before you get there, though, you will have to wait around at the gate. To top it off, your departure might very well get delayed. Indeed, approximately 20% of flights do not take off on schedule every year. So, what can you do to try and not get bored to death before boarding? Here come our six tips to make time fly by at the airport!

Go shopping

Most airports are virtually shopping centres, so shop around! Duty-free shops are the perfect place to get that perfume you’ve wanted for so long at a bargain price. Not to mention all the souvenir stores where to buy your loved ones a fun t-shirt or a savoury box of chocolates. And if you’re running on a tight budget, you can still pass time by going window-shopping. Besides, touring the airport’s stores is as good a way as any to stretch your legs.

Plan your holiday to the last detail

Between your job and your daily obligations, you have had little time to plan your getaway. Then, waiting around at the airport is the best opportunity to research your destination thoroughly. From world-class landmarks to hidden gem restaurants, make a list of the places you’d love to visit.

Jot out some practical information such as opening hours and closing days not to miss a sight. So, be sure to pack several guides in your bag. Alternatively, take a look at blog entries and travel vlogs.

Watch a movie

Sitting still for hours on end is the perfect window to catch up on a TV series or a movie. Of course, Wi-Fi is available for free in most airports around the globe. Still, you might be better off downloading a film or a show beforehand on your laptop, as many streaming platforms now allow you to. This way, you don’t risk running out of connexion amid a high-tension climax.

Why not even go for a movie set in your holiday destination? For an immersive flick, turn on the subtitles and watch the film in its original version. Travel through Spain with an Almodóvar classic, for instance. Or get inspiration for your trip to Marseille watching Stillwater. Don’t forget your headphones, though, unless you want to get icy stares from fellow passengers.

Learn a foreign word or two

Did you plan your vacation abroad? Then, you could make good use of your waiting time by learning the vernacular. Getting a hold of a few essential words and phrases can take you a long way in many countries. There are plenty of free videos on the internet to get you started with any idiom. You might also want to purchase a phrasebook for travellers.

Play games on your phone

No need to pack a console. Your smartphone is the perfect vessel to spend some gaming time. From detective stories to action-adventure titles, countless games are freely accessible on mobile. If you’re more into classic games, you can even try your luck at some timeless casino games. Indeed, most online casinos are now mobile-friendly. And the good news is, they usually offer some generous bonuses.

You can find lists of the best casino bonuses on the web. Such rewards range from welcome offers to weekly promotions and even free spins. Experts have laid out wagering requirements and bonus conditions to help you get the most bang for your buck. They also provide free advice on any issue you might find when using casino bonuses so that you can claim your winnings in a breeze.

Relax in an airport lounge

Some airports are much better than others during a long layover. Still, getting stranded in the departure hall for hours is far from exciting. Then, why not book access to a lounge? Access is usually included for frequent flyers with a particular airline or Business travellers.

But you can also purchase a pay-per-use lounge pass for one-time access. A lounge can make all the difference between connecting flights, as travellers get complimentary food and drinks. Comfy seats to take a nap or read a book are another plus.

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