Tips for caring for your ceramic coating

A ceramic coating on the paint of a vehicle works as an additional protection layer to secure it from all types of mud, dirt, dust, gravel, sand, snow and other contaminants from taking a hold on the coating and doing any damage, as they would without the ceramic coating. However, it is important to keep your ceramic coating protected to gain protection from them.

The ceramic coating protects your vehicle from too many things, but the shield is not invincible, and the coating needs efficient care. Here are some tips to take care of ceramic coating Edmonton:

Do not go for automated car washes

Automated car washes use hard-bristle brushes and rough cloth with acidic soap that can aggressively damage the ceramic layer of coating. The coating should be efficiently cleaned using gentle cleaning methods.

If you are not cleaning the car on your own, and hiring a detailer, inform them about the ceramic coating so that they will follow the right methods to clean and detail your vehicle. The outside will possibly be clean anyway because of the coating. But make sure they don’t disrupt it.

Choose low pH and wax-free cleaning solutions

If you are not choosing a car detailer and rather handling the cleaning on your own, make sure you adopt a gentle cleaning philosophy and only use mild car shampoo and low pH level cleaning products that don’t have any sealant or wax in them. Also, use soft and clean microfiber towel when drying. Do not use high-pressure water to wash the car.

It may sound like a lot of work when listening, but to maintain the look and durability of ceramic coating, you should always choose a gentle wash cycle. So, wash your car but only after keeping these points into consideration.

Always use maintenance sprays

Not all ceramic coating Edmonton requires maintenance spray. But it is important to check with the applicator and find out if you need one. If so, they will recommend the best option and may provide you in-house. Regardless of the product you choose, the rule is to use the same one till the coating is present.

When applying maintenance spray, do not do it under direct sunlight. Apply it after you have washed and dried your car. You can easily put the spray using an applicator pad, but it is not mandatory.

Always follow the same car washing tips

The job may involve gentle washing, but the basic principles of car cleaning remain the same. For instance, washing the car in the shade is the first point. Efficiently drying the vehicle after washing to avoid dry spots and streaks is essential. Beginning with the wheels and moving to the roof and coming down is recommended as the best option to clean your car. Use at least two buckets, one with the solution and the other with water.

Get the coating inspected every year

Lastly, your coating is a major investment, so it is suggested to take your vehicle to the applicator every year to inspect it and know its condition.

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