Things to Know About Smartphone Battery

The battery of smartphones has gone through a series of developments to become such powerful today. In the past, the battery capacity was small, and we need to keep our phones charging regularly to avoid the smartphone shutting down. Some smartphone batteries were detachable, and users can carry extra batteries for backup. Now, most of the battery is fixed in the smartphone, thus the battery capacity determines the performance. In this article, we will talk about the factors that will affect the smartphone battery, including the battery capacity, power consumption, and shelf life.

Why Is Battery Capacity So Significant for Smartphones?

The first thing we are looking for after waking up in the morning is our smartphones because it is too functional, and almost half of our day is related to them. Thus, if we find out our smartphones running out of power, we are getting anxious. Compared to the one with a smaller battery capacity, users who have a better battery capacity on their smartphones will be less likely to feel suppressed.

Choose the Right Smartphone

To solve this problem from the root, it is recommended to select a smartphone with a bigger battery capacity. At least, many smartphone models in the market are equipped with considerable battery capacity. For instance, the battery of honor90 is 5000mAh, which can work for 24 hours without any problem. In addition, when the smartphone screen is bigger, it drains more power from the battery. With the same battery size, it is normal that a smaller smartphone can work for a longer time, and when we are checking the battery consumption summary, the screen is usually listed.

Shut Down Unnecessary Functions to Lower the Power Consumption

The second way to keep your smartphone activated for a longer time is to shut down unnecessary functions. There are hundreds of applications in the app store, and many of these are frequently used in our daily activities. Unless we clean up the activated applications every day, we usually have numerous applications running in the background. And, finally, our smartphone batteries are dropping quietly but we won’t realize that until a certain period passes. Besides, there are other “hidden” functions that absorb the battery: Navigation, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth. Although there are surveys to explain that these functions are not the key elements affecting smartphone power consumption, they are not excluded as, for example, turning on Bluetooth without any connection will raise the battery consumption rate by 1.6%.

Charge the Smartphone Correctly Will Improve the Battery Shelf Life’

Here comes some useful information to protect your smartphone battery. Many of us find out that after several years, our smartphone can not last as longer as it was, because the battery life is shortened due to aging and bad charging habits. Here are some tips to maximize your smartphone battery life:1. Avoid full charge cycle (0-100%) but charge your phone regularly. 2. Keep your smartphone in cooler places, because heat will damage the battery. 3. Don’t top up your smartphone to 100% but try to keep it at 80-90%.


In conclusion, smartphone batteries are getting increasingly significant as they affect our daily activities. The most important way that eliminates “battery anxiety” is to choose smartphone with a bigger battery capability. Meanwhile, we should also check the activated applications in our smartphone. These applications and functions are ususally hiden and running in the background, but they drain our battery quietly. Finally, we should follow the right way to charge our smartphone, and the battery capacity will last longer.

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