Things to Consider Before Buying a Bosch Grinder

A Bosch grinder is commonly referred to as an angle grinder. Other terms related to it are together with a disc grinder or side grinder. It is a handheld power device that is common in metal workshops and machine shops. It can either be powered by a battery or corded. It is used for grinding cutting or polishing objects.

Various factors come into play when considering buying a Bosch grinder. This is because the price of a quality machine is determined by a variety of features that are possessed by the machine in question. Below we analyze some of these features that will make buying a Bosch grinder easier and more effective.

Motor Power

The power of a Bosch grinder is the most important physique to be considered. It is categorized in terms of wattage. A machine considered to have high wattage is presumed to have more power. Therefore the machine works more effectively. The amp of the machine is also another feature that should be considered. This is because with a higher amp, the work done is better.

Flexible disc sizes

Before buying a Bosch grinder, consider one that has a unique option of using different discs and of different sizes. This is because this type of grinder is more suitable and economical as it provides functions for different works. The ability of the Bosch grinder to have interchangeable discs and sizes makes it an exquisite and highly valuable machine.


The speed of the machine is a key feature in determining Bosch grinder price in Kenya. It enables the machine to work effectively and gives it the suitability to function properly. It is measured in revolutions per minute where the greater the number of revolutions the higher the speed of the machine and the more effectiveness of the disc. They range from 5000-10000RPM.

Soft start feature

The soft-start feature in a Bosch grinder prevents the machine from ripping apart while starting up. However, you should not start using it immediately it starts. Instead, you are required to ensure that the grinder disc is at full speed before engaging it in use to carry out the work you intend to do. Big grinders are guaranteed to have this feature, unlike small grinders.

Mode of power

There are different types of modes of power associated with a Bosch grinder. The electric grinder works via direct current or through batteries. The petrol grinder can only function with the help of fuel. Therefore while choosing the best Bosch grinder machine to use you are required to consider the mode of power to identify one that works best for you.


There is the severity that is associated with the buying of a bosch grinder machine especially when hunting for a quality machine. As the description above entails, various determinants influence the price of the bosch grinder machine. With the use of the knowledge above, get yourself a quality bosch grinder machine from the nearest store today!

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