The top 5 Responsibilities of a Recruiter

If your business feels like it’s fully staffed and ready for any challenge, recruiters might not seem as important as they once did. It’s easy to think that but a mentality like that is extremely dangerous to the long term health of your company. Even due to outside circumstances, staffing levels can change on a dime. 

That’s why it’s always important to keep the right recruiters on hand and to always make recruitment a top priority no matter which type of business you are in. For those who are unsure what else recruiters might be bringing to their business, here’s the most important parts of their day. 

Bringing In Talent

This is the obvious part of their job but that doesn’t make it any less important. Even for a company that is no longer in the growing phase, talent acquisition is always something to keep in mind. There’s always the chance someone is on the verge of leaving because of their unhappiness at your company or they might be looking elsewhere for personal reasons. 

Things like promotions and retirements are going to be part of normal operations as well. When those happen, there needs to be someone who is ready to bring in a replacement that’s just as strong as the person who previously held that position. 

Update Procedures 

To no surprise, there’s going to be standard protocols on how to search for and then bring in new talent. This is also going to fall on the recruiter to stay aware of best practices as they enter the market. The ways of the hiring world are constantly changing around us and being on top of the best methods are going to make the difference when it comes to even noticing that the perfect candidates are out there. 

Forecast Upcoming Trends

As mentioned, people are going to be coming and going regardless of the state of the company. People are going to retire when it’s right for them and having a finger on the pulse of data such as that is going to allow recruiters to be ready for when the event finally happens. They’ll also have the data as to when people are going to start looking for promotions (internally or externally) and recruiters will be able to do all they can to keep their top talent happy. 

Promote Their Brand

Job seekers are going to be drawn to brands and companies they are already familiar with. Not every company can make this happen overnight, but something as simple as an active social media page can turn your company into a place people can start to envision themselves at. If they can see what it’s like to work at your office (and also see everything you might do for your local community) they’ll be eager to join in. 

Onboard Employees

There’s more to having new employees than their intintal phone calls and interviewers. While those are both done by the recruiters, they are also doing the work that comes after that. Once the hiring process is complete, onboarding itself is often going to be a joint effort between the recruitment department and the actual department the employee is going to be working in.

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