The Super League lived for two days and broke up. What did they even want?

Conor McGregor jokes that he is ready to buy Manchester United, Tottenham fans are disowning the club, Liverpool is on sale, Chelsea fans are not letting the team into the stadium, the presidents of Juve and Real Madrid, Andrea Agnelli and Florentino Perez may be fired soon.

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And that’s not all the news that broke out by the end of the second day of the Super League. The scandal of the new organization with FIFA and UEFA was read immediately, but it is not clear how Perez and Agnelli wanted to steer out of the fiery conflict.

The entire football world depends on the regulations created by FIFA and UEFA, under their auspices are held not only the World Cup, European Championship and European Cups, but also a bunch of social projects that give organizations global significance. They (social issues) make them fit into the cabinet of the most influential politicians and businessmen, which triples the ability of each federation to achieve any goal.

However, the desire of American investors is nowhere clearer. Football is the most popular sport in the world, but in Europe it is of the highest quality, and you can make huge money on it. Moreover, the leaders of the best clubs do not mind bailing out more than the Champions League gives and hammering into financial fair-play, since inflation, surging payrolls and an overheated transfer market are destroying wallets faster than they can fill up. Everything seems to be beautiful.

But football cannot be isolated precisely because of its social and political importance. This is not the North American NBA, NHL, NFL or Major League Baseball, where shows and sports are roughly equal, and the main raison d’être is money. FIFA and UEFA work on a different basis. UEFA is a thing that unites not just European football clubs, but nationalities, cultures, political interests that are resolved through European tournaments. It is hard to imagine that it will become so much more important than money, and suddenly the conditional Zagreb Dynamo will never again be able to play with Real Madrid or Barça. And it’s unfair.

Why was this fuss necessary?

Therefore, with the resources of FIFA and UEFA, which can pull any club out of the national championship and prohibit even Messi from playing in the national team, the task of swatting the desperate separatists is a trifling matter. But here we come to the main point. Don’t Perez and Agnelli understand this? They understand exactly, but why then all this? We have three options.

  1. They are madmen who have lost the sense of reality.
  2. UEFA itself produced these movements so that everyone around would automatically agree to the controversial reforms of the Champions League format, which will come into effect from 2024.
  3. Perez and Agnelli have conceived a great fuss so that at the stage of introducing the new format, UEFA takes into account the maximum number of interests of the top clubs. For example, increased payouts, a permanent place in the tournament, etc.

But in the end it turned out as sharp and super funny as possible. All Premier League clubs are already ready to refuse applications for participation in the Super League, and Atletico Madrid is also added to them.

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