The resignation of Graham Ford as Ireland’s coach

Graham Ford is already a legendary name in Irish cricket. Ireland’s entry to Test cricket and subsequent run participation on the T20 World Cup were overseen by the 61-year-old. However, the team was unable to advance to the Super 12 stage of the tournament after a shock eight-wicket loss to Namibia. This match was available to place a bet online easy with 1xBet platform.

Citing mental health concerns, and the fact that he wanted to spend more time with his family, he announced his resignation as Ireland’s head coach in November 2021.

About this, he remarked, “The previous four years have been incredibly significant for me. I’ve spent many wonderful days with a cricket team made up of exceptional individuals. Cricket Ireland has had several disadvantages and problems when compared to the other teams”. However, even with Ford’s departure, people should know that to place an easy bet with 1xBet online will continue to be a great choice.

More reactions from Ford

“Despite this, the squad has played admirably against some of the best teams in the world on multiple occasions, and it has been a joy for me to see firsthand the spirit and camaraderie of the Irish players. However, these difficulties and handicaps have taken their toll on me over time. After considerable thought and conversation with my family, I have decided that now is the best moment for me to leave Cricket Ireland”. People can still follow cricket live line online on site 1xBet India.

“To conclude, I’d want to thank all of the players and support staff for their outstanding attitudes and unwavering support over the last four years, and I look forward to seeing them accomplish great things in the future.” Whenever Ireland plays, people should go on site 1xBet follow cricket line live online, and of course, make wagers with excellent winning possibilities.

Players’ reactions

Captain Andrew Balbirnie expressed his thoughts as follows: “Graham has been one of the best coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have spent four years with him, not only for my playing development but also for his unwavering support throughout my captaincy”. All cricket matches are available at For now, it can be said that Ford has coached other teams as well, such as:

  • Sri Lanka;
  • and Surrey.

“We’ve had our share of struggles as a team over the past few years, but his constant cheerfulness has been contagious, and his desire to enhance the talents of everyone in the group has propelled some of our young cricketers along in leaps and bounds.”, Balbirnie continued. 1xBet is the best site that can be visited whenever the Irish squad plays.

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