The penalty kick that traumatized a country

There are certain moments in FIFA World Cups and other high-profile tournaments that many countries can see as national catastrophes. Whether it is a painful defeat or a last-minute elimination, there are moments that fans from certain nations remember for many years and even decades. When visiting 1xBet – one of sports betting sites, you will find lots of options to wager on FIFA World Cup matches and lots of other events.

People from Chile have a few moments of this kind. One of them is the infamous penalty kick that Carlos Caszely had during the 1982 FIFA World Cup, which took place in Spain. However, in order to understand how a penalty kick had the power to traumatize a country, it is necessary to put things in context. In 1xBet, which is one of the best sports betting sites, it is possible to bet on all the matches where Chile plays.

Huge ambitions, little effect

Chile can be considered as a country of near misses. The team obtained a historic third place in the FIFA World Cup organized in the country in 1962. Whenever a FIFA World Cup is taking place, make sure to visit in order to take advantage of all the live betting options. Chilean fans have always been very optimistic about their team.

The qualification process for the 1982 FIFA World Cup was an easy process for Chile. They weren’t defeated and didn’t concede a single goal. Many people in the country thought that Chile could win the World Cup. Also, the 1xBet website is the best place to follow and wager on the best aspects that take place in the FIFA World Cups.

Catastrophe occurs

The day is the 17th of June 1982. Chile had its first match in the FIFA World Cup against Austria. You can 1xBet download app for bets in order to wager on every match where Chile plays. The South American team had some interesting players, including:

  • Elías Figueroa;

  • Patricio Yáñez;

  • Carlos Caszely.


Austria hit first by scoring the first goal. However, in the 29th minute, Chile is awarded a penalty kick. Carlos Caszely, who was a prolific goalscorer at the time, takes the shot and… misses it. Austria won the match 1-0. Later in the competition, Chile also lost against Algeria and West Germany. The dreams of a FIFA World Cup title were over.

This penalty summarized the disappointing presentation of Chile in the competition, and it also symbolized the tarnished dreams of a nation. Many decades later, the penalty is still remembered. Caszely himself now remembers it in a humorous way. In fact, he has recorded many advertisements where his infamous penalty is recreated and remembered, with the same results. Whenever a penalty kick takes place, you can download the 1xBet app for betting on it, and winning thanks to its great chances.

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