The new Liga de Expansión MX

Football is a difficult business. In practical terms, football squads have turned into companies. Therefore, in addition to getting great sports results, they must also keep their finances in a healthy form. The betting sites in Pakistan – 1xBet bookmaker features the best football competitions from all over the world.

The finances of many Mexican football teams weren’t looking good by the end of the decade of the 2010s. The teams desperately needed to stop their losses, otherwise many of them could go bankrupt. For this reason, it was decided to create a brand new football competition in the country. Its purpose would be to stabilize the finances of these stricken teams. The 1xBet bookmaker is a great betting site in Pakistan which can be also used to wager on Mexican football.

As a result of those ideas, the newly formed Liga de Expansión MX was played for the first time in 2020. This championship became the new second level of Mexican football, replacing the older Ascenso MX competition.

A brand-new second division

The first division of Mexican football is called the Liga MX. It is possible to play 1xBet casino now while waiting for some exciting Mexican football matches.

Before 2020, there was a system of relegation and promotion between the Liga MX and the former Ascenso MX. However, one of the first measures to be taken with the brand new competition was to prevent promotion and relegation for the time being. This could allow teams to develop long-term plans that could stabilize their finances, without worrying about relegation. The games at the 1xBet casino can be played now, and it is a good idea to do so before the next game of the Mexican football competitions.

New and reserve teams

Many teams from the Liga MX decided to set up reserve teams that would play in the brand new Liga de Expansión MX. This was a result of the absence of any kind of promotion and relegation in the competition. However, many squads of the former Ascenso MX also moved into the new competition. Punters can make football and toto bet online on, which also features lots of matches from different Mexican sports competitions.

Some of the squads that entered this competition are:

  • Raya2, which is the reserve team of C.F. Monterrey;
  • C.D. Tapatío as the reserve team of C.D. Guadalajara;
  • Cancún;
  • Atlético Morelia;
  • and Atlante.

It should be noted that each season of the Liga de Expansión MX is only six months long. For this reason, there are two champions of the competition every year. Some of the squads that have already claimed the title are Atlante, Atlético Moreia and Tampico Madero. Lots of toto and football online bets can be made on 1xBet, which has incredible opportunities on Mexican football.

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