The Innovations of Hublot Big Bang Integrating The Art of Fusion 

Hublot is a player in the watchmaking industry and has been gaining an excellent reputation for decades. The company upholds innovation with the materials it is using. This brand of watch integrates traditional materials like natural rubber and precious metals.

The key concept of creating a Hublot timepiece is the “Art of Fusion.” Thus, leading to a revolution in the industry. It has proven its prowess by creating collections including Classic Fusion, Masterpiece, King Power, and Big Bang.

Hublot Big Bang

Ethereal, intriguing, avant-garde—these are just some words that perfectly describe the Hublot Big Bang. The debut of this luxurious timepiece collection further enriched the Swiss watchmaker’s history by supplementing its success story.

Historical Background

It was born out of the imaginative mind of the company’s former CEO, Jean-Claude Biver. With a combination of modern elements and avant-garde style, the Big Bang’s production revolves around the ‘art of fusion’ concept, which pertains to the amalgamation of peculiar materials.


New Hublot Big Bang models are said to have been inspired by the brand’s timepiece models in the 1980s. They feature the same round bezel, rubber strap, and exposed screws that were the emblems of Hublot’s initial designs. Also, every Big Bang model exudes a modern and extra-large chronograph, which impeccably combines Hublot’s distinctive design touches and contemporary tastes. A testament to the brand’s excellence is the Big Bang’s Best Design Award at the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horologie de Geneve.

Gold Alloy

Every Hublot Big Bang for sale portrays a bizarre material such as lightweight alloy made of aluminum and magnesium, complex movements, and enthralling designs. Not to mention, they adorn every model in this collection with a pioneering scratch-resistant 18 ct gold alloy, which Hublot touts as ‘Magic Gold’. Amongst the exquisite models, you can find in this collection include King Power, Sang Bleu, and Tourbillon Titanium.


Does the Hublot Big Bang flawlessly capture your refined taste and love for avant-garde design? Every masterpiece is certified genuine by our in-house team of experts. Therefore, you will have confidence in your purchase. They are sold at amazing market prices, making them a practically smart investment.

Hublot Big Bang Price is set by a third-party entity. In most cases, Hublot Big Bang UK costs around £1,500.00 or more. For some, this is an enormous amount of money. That’s why they purchase a second-hand Hublot Big Bang watch. Through this, they can save a paltry amount of cents. However, if you are going to take this route, purchase from a reliable and trusted seller of second-hand watches to avoid getting scammed.

Customization Options

Hublot Big Bang Diamond offers a collection of watches designed for both men and women. For example, their Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold is for women, while their Hublot Big Bang black is for men. Of course, you can also explore our inventory of bespoke Hublot Big Bang watches if you dream of owning something that portrays your character.

Do you have a personal design that you want to be integrated into your timepiece? Do you want to have a custom Hublot Big Bang watch? If so, consider changing its dial or bezel to using your desired materials and designs. The good thing about Hublot Big Bang is that they offer only the highest quality models of timepieces made from top-notch materials.

A lot of customization options are available to make your timepiece look more personalized. If you don’t know the proper steps to customize a watch, seek the help of a professional technician to do the job. Through this, you can ensure that you will achieve the desired look of your watch without compromising its authenticity and functionality. Discuss your requirements with talented and experienced watchmakers, and they will provide you with a sublime masterpiece.

The Breakthrough of Hublot Big Bang in 2021

Early in 2021, the company launched the three innovative versions of Hublot Big Bang Integral. It comes in blue, gray, and white ceramic. This brand of the timepiece is an innovator with expertise in innovating bracelets and cases.

The case of the Big Bang Integral is 13.45mm thick and 42mm wide. Its case is also water-resistant up to 100 meters in depth. The interior of the timepieces in-house automatic chronograph movement of HUB1280. The innovation of movement makes Hublot Big Bang Integral more attractive, thinner, more efficient, and reliable.

The automatic chronograph movement has 354 parts with a flyback mechanism and operates through column-wheel transmission. The large hour markers provide sporty and legible appeal. It also features chronograph pushers, and the case has an aesthetic finish.


Hublot is an exquisite wristwatch brand in the industry. This brand of timepiece has an innovative, strong, and bold character. Thus, for many decades they are always in the spotlight. If you buy a Hublot watch, you’ll pay for the perfect combination of materials and supreme quality.

It’s time to adorn your wrist with a unique luxury watch. Buy Hublot Big Bang today!

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