The History of Straw Hats for Women

The straw hat has always been and will continue to be a summer favorite. The straw hat is the perfect accessory for an outdoor function like a party, or even while you’re shopping in town on a hot day. Straw hats for women come in many shapes and sizes; there is sure to be one that suits your fashion sense. Whether your straw hat is for a dressy event or just to wear around town, straw hats for women are classic.

The History of Straw Hats for Women:

  • The straw hat was first worn by the working class people in northern Europe during the 11th century, and straw hats were usually made from rye straw. In Greece straw hats were considered evil because they thought it meant that there would be a bad harvest. They believed evil spirits hid under them, but then realized that their straw hats kept them cooler which lead to the idea of making Panama hats out of fibers of a palm tree instead. The straw hats made from rye straw became known as panama hats after this realization. Rulers even had laws passed where wearing these kind of straws on certain days were punishable by death until later when straw hats became a fashion statement and an accessory.
  • During the 1930s straw hats were popular for women, but after WWII straw hat production slowed down to almost nothing until in 1991 when straw hat production increased by 500 percent. Straw hats steadily grew more and more popular thanks to celebrities like Audrey Hepburn who wore straw hats in movies such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, where she played a free spirited New York socialite named Holly Golightly. Yvonne De Carlo also famously wore straw hats in many of her films including “Criss Cross” and “White Heat”.
  • Nowadays straw hats for women are not only becoming increasingly common in America, but all over the world too. Straw hats are becoming popular not only for women, but people of all genders and ages. So whether you prefer straw hats for summertime, or straw hats because they bring back fond memories of your childhood; straw hats are the perfect accessory to complete your ensemble.
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