The hashtag strategy on Instagram

Now let’s move on to the war plan, to the practical strategy to get more exposure using the right hashtags . The tactical plan is very simple. Each type of hashtag has a specific purpose for this reason it is necessary to make a mix. Using all the categories your content will start to gain visibility starting from the Recent Posts section of the Less Popular hashtags.

This happens because the fewer the shares, the longer the post stays among the first photos in the Recent Post section.

The more your posts remain in the Recent Post of some hashtags, the more they will have the chance to get likes and comments and, consequently, to end up in the Popular Page of that category or even one step above. If you want to get more free Instagram followers, you need to notice your posts.

This ripple effect could even take you to the Top Posts of popular hashtags. Theory studied, let’s move on to practice.

How to create perfect hashtag lists

First of all, let’s talk in the plural because you will need, like everyone else, not a single list but several lists to alternate and replace gradually, in order to go after the engagement of your profile obtaining a more performing result.

It is important to catalog each post with the right labels (#).

You can’t post a photo of a plate of spaghetti and then use hashtags from another niche, it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t benefit your account. If you use hashtags well, you can get free Instagram likes.

There are various ways to collect hashtags that are useful for the cause.

First, you can blatantly spy on your competitors.

Quiet, it is absolutely legal. Look at their lists and write down the hashtags they use somewhere. You can just start following them to make sure you don’t miss any posts and lists.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the search tools that Instagram puts at your disposal. Just click on the item “Hashtag” (or “Tag” depending on the updates) and enter the keywords related to your niche: at this point the platform itself will suggest plausible hashtags.

You did not understand?

Let’s take an example.

By typing “Sport”, Instagram offers you:

#sport #sportswear #sportlife #sportwear #sportcar #sports etc.

You can form good lists starting from this system, not quick but certainly free and efficient.

REMEMBER: mix the various types of hashtags. Do not use only very popular and, therefore, competitive hashtags but also do not use only poorly sought hashtags. Your lists must contain hashtags from all three categories.

But are we sure this method works?

Of course!

When you use material from all three categories, your images immediately gain extra exposure in Recent Posts.

This translates into more likes, more comments and, over time, more followers.

This way your posts are more likely to end up on the various Popular Pages of the individual hashtags. Using hashtags well is good to have Instagram followers free.

NOTE: Accounts with low engagement should have more unpopular hashtags, conversely, accounts with good engagement, for example 400 likes or more per photo, should use more popular hashtags.

idbi full form is Industrial Development Bank of India.