The Game Where You Control a Country (For Free)

Are you wondering if there are interesting online multiplayer games where you control a country, and which you can play for free? Strategy games can either b tactical, grand strategy, real-time or turn-based. No matter what you want, there are many strategy games that you can play and which enable you to take firm control of a country. We have searched the web and listed for you the following free games.

1. Opera

OpenRA recreates and modernizes classic command and it’s a conquer real-time strategy game. This is an open-source game that offers players and developers the platform where they can collaborate in building and reimagining classic 2 dimensional and other games. This game comes with three unique mods and the first time you run a mod makes the game download the original assets of the game. Alternatively, you have are free to use the original game disks.

2. Politics & War

This game mimics how international diplomacy and international relations works.  In this online multiplayer game, you are fully in charge and you can use your strategies as well as military to coerce other countries to work with you for collective benefit. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can also use your armies to whip rebellious nations into shape.

3. Mindustry 

This is a factory defense game where you will need to use chains of conveyor belts to get ammo supply into your turrets. You also do this to produce building materials and defend your structures from the long list of enemy waves. Some of the features that you find here include a map editor, a cross-platform multiplayer, and as well as a large-scale PvP fighting unit. Although this game is free, you can consider buying it with additional features, which will help to add more excitement to the game.

4. Legend of Callasia

This is a multiplayer and single fantasy strategy game that is mixed with board-game-styled maps and is playable on personal computers, iPad, Mac, and  Android tablets. The goal of this game is to ensure that the players can have a feel of a large and epic strategy game which includes Crusader Kings 2, Civilization, and Magic among others. The playtime is shorter while the controls are magical. For first-timers, this game is easy to learn and makes a superior choice for those who want to play it again and again.

5. LazerGrrl

For those who want a past-faced PvP strategy, that combines a fury of Bomberman that has a strategic depth of an RTS. You can choose to strike a balance between building your base and also blasting your opponents. In this game, you can take part in the tournaments, provide feedback and chat with the developers of this incredible game.


For anyone looking for free games where you can control, a country, many amazing options are available to you. You can play with your friends and enjoy yourselves every day. Luckily, these games also help to build lots of creativity every time you try to battle it out with your family and friends.

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